questionshome theater: which receiver deal?


If you have a Wii or other device that does component out, the Yamaha is the way to go. You can hook up the Wii to the component input (cable from Monoprice needed if you only have composite cables) and it will upscale and output over HDMI so you don't need to switch inputs on your TV.

But if you have an iDevice (iPod/iPhone/iPad), the Yamaha is the only one that doesn't have Airplay.

All 3 come with a microphone for the unit to balance itself.

The number of inputs on the AVR-1912 is a plus. I have 2 HDMI inputs on my Pioneer and was surprised by how many HDMI devices I ended up with over time. With my Roku, Blu-Ray player, and DVR PC, I have to send my Roku through my TV and then out over optical to get audio into the receiver. When we get a Wii U, we'll have to do the same with that.

From the quality of the amplifying unit side of things, I honestly can't give any advice. So this just covers the features.