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We just brought home #1and a Velcro swaddling sack has been the only thing she doesn't kick off / gets her sleepy. We're getting a second one


@axphw1: got a link to this swaddling sack? we've already got a couple different ones people bought for us, but it's good to have other options in case neither of those work out.


After hearing about the pacifier on the RC Car I would suggest a video camera. That's a memory worth watching for a lifetime.


Heating pad! When you're getting ready to put the little guy in his crib/bassinet/dog kennel (I kid, I kid!), put a warm heating pad on it for a few minutes first. It is very important to remember to REMOVE THE PAD beore you deposit the baby, and also touch the bedding with your hand to make sure it's not too hot. This helps the baby not have an extreme temperature change from your arms to the bed, which may or may not result in sleepy baby popping awake and crying (lather, rinse, repeat) and may or may not result in you wondering how much liquor is in the house.

A nurse saved my life with this when my first kid was a newborn. Really simple, but a huge help to us.


@jjkehoe: damn fine idea! (and, i know exactly how much liquor is in the house)


@thumperchick: we actually got both of those at the baby shower (that was held after he was born)


Not a parent here, but the two things I have heard a ton about are the Moby Wrap - hands free baby bonding! - and the Boppy Pillow - great for feeding time and helps the kid learn to sit on their own when they're ready.

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And also a bouncy seat! Anything along this lines of this is like what we used, but I'm sure they're much fancier and stuff these days. Great to have an easy place to put baby where you can still see each other but have your hands free when you're in the kitchen or whatever. Much better than just parking baby on the counter next to the stove!


I agree with all of the above. I would add the one thing from my baby shower that was the MOST helpful of all the gifts I got, though. Of course this was 18 years ago, but it still holds true today. One of my girlfriends gave me a clothes basket filled with all kinds of stuff. It had everything you would need for about the first 9 months. It had different sized clothes and diapers, little baby toys and bottles, etc... The coup de grâce was a train case makeup bag filled with baby tylenol, malacon, small thing of baby wipes, thermometer, pediasure, q-tips and cotton balls, teething ring, orajel, 2 jars of baby food, spoon, a small box of rice cereal, small bottle, a couple of rags and a gift certificate (yeah, that kind of dates me if the 18 years ago comment didn't) to Walmart for $25. She labeled it the Oops Baby Kit. That thing went with me everywhere for about 6 years. Of course the stuff inside changed as my daughter grew, but it held the same kind of stuff.


A baby swing. Both of my kids loved it. Really came in handy when kids were fussy and also when i needed to cook. It actually put them to sleep most times.


@carl669: Try HALO sleep sac the hospital let us take ours home and we bought a couple more. They work great the first month or two for swaddling.

Amazon Mom (like PRIME) for diaper and wipe purchase as well other baby things. Saved us $$$$. I think you can get 3 months free right now if your not a prime member and you spend $25 a month you can extend it for up to 1 year.

portable monitor if you have a good sized house
Boppy pillow
Bouncer or some motion gadget
bottle drying rack still use ours and my daughter is 2 1/2
comfortable car seat (don't skimp its a life saver)
good stroller (we used one that the car seat just attached to very portable)


Waterproof pads for the changing table. Way too useful, and saves the changing table from... stuff.


@lichme: I have no children, but I can tell you that I've gotten one of these for every person I know that was having their first baby and they are indispensable according to the recipients.


@pyxientx: Thats wonderful. What a thoughtful gift!


@lalian: We used puppy pads for awhile cheap, disposable and time saver


@pitamuffin: Definitely a baby swing. The kind we used looooooong ago has probably been banned by the CPSC but it was a lifesaver.


We took a ton of the chucks from the hospital, the blue plastic pads with the cotton on one side. We used those for changing our kiddo any and everywhere. Plus, since they were "free" (with lifetime commitment) it wasn't any problem to just toss them when they got dirty!


@jjkehoe: I wish someone had told me this 39 years ago. Maybe less grey hair. I don't think I ever caught up on my sleep.