questionswould you be tempted to sneak a peek inside bocs…


The income from my job would be worth more than the crappy items that I steal before I get fired.

I'd just read about the crap on the forums like everybody else.

That being said, I have had my suspicions after seeing the way that some of mine have arrived with the tape cut.


Isn't it a federal offense to tamper with or open someone else's mail? Definitely not worth it.


I think it would be hard to tell the BOC boxes from regular woot boxes. Unless it says Bag of Carp in big bold letters on the side they would mostly go unnoticed.


If the jobs at FedEx or USPS are anything like being a UPS sorter, I could honestly say no. You basically destroy your body daily being a sorter and as soon as your shift ends, you collapse. What is inside any of the packages is the least of your concern.


Thanks for the input, chums. It's good to see my fellow wooters are such decent people.

@norimw: While it's not "big bold" letters on the side of the box, it does show "random crap" or "bag of crap" on the shipping label. They got to read the label to know which house to drop it off at, so they'll probably see it.

@curtisuxor: I guess, rather than a sorter, I'm picturing a rural or small town driver who may have some time on his/her hands or maybe they don't get a whole lot of packages every day. Perhaps they take a lunch break and while eating, they decide to investigate the BOC they've been driving around all morning.

I might be tempted to look (especially if I got skunked the last time it was up), but I don't think I'd ever do it. I've taken all my jobs very seriously and I tend to take pride in my work, so it probably wouldn't be any exception. Although...the thought may cross my mind... They probably see way more exciting things come through the mail, anyhow.


As a worker of FedEx. There's simply just no time. In the warehouse or as a driver. Also intentionally opening a package would get you nice talking to (unless it's your job). And warehouse workers walk through security checks everyday, in and out to prevent stealing.