questionswhy do fitness deals always get down voted?


If you're calling the wait loss gimmick product that you just posted a "Fitness deal" then I can see why you might be confused.

It's not a deal to get a scam product at a reduced price.

The product description mentioning "Raspberry Ketones" not long after the huge rash of Twitter and Facebook spam about the same is not a big vote of confidence either.


As has been cussed and discussed since voting was allowed, it's all about perspective.

While you feel it's a good deal just doesn't make it so. There are plenty of "fitness" related deals that do get upvotes.

And even if people that voted against something explained their point of view, you still may not's simply their point of view. I'm sure some of them wouldn't understand why you thought something was a good deal.


And not to mention - as a Cellucor affiliate you have more financial incentive to post the deal than genuine deal-hunting.


@omnichad: Whoah creeping much lol and since you all posted on the deal and read it why not upvote it since you did post on it?


@sennetb: Reading a deal and posting on it does not necessarily mean a wooter should upvote it. Upvoting is for deals they think are good (or funny, or ironic, or whatever drives their vote). Not just because they read it and had something to say about it.


@omnichad: weight*

But I 100% agree that it's some weight loss scam shouldn't even be allowed.

@sennetb: You're better off posting a deal for a "free 1/2hr walk a day with yourself" at least it'd be effective, and free.


@eraten: Wow, thanks. Can't BELIEVE I mistyped that.


@eraten: LOL! well i did post free snow outside one day for Ohio but woot took that down! lol
@omnichad keep creeping and down-voting, haters are going to hate.


@sennetb: I can only downvote something once. If you're seeing more downvotes, that's just popular opinion on the matter. At least I'm not being so juvenile as to go through your entire deals history and downvoting every single deal you've ever posted.


@omnichad: That comming from some one who Creeped on me and found my twitter then posted it? lol Such a joke. im done with this thread..


@sennetb: The Internet's a very public place. There's really not as much anonymity as you imagine. Especially when simply doing a google search of your last name and cellucor and seeing your twitter feed as the first result. I had only posted it as a warning to other buyers so they have all the facts.

Then again, you never actually had to speak the words and confirm it really was you.


i downvoted this question 8 times and all of your following posts 9 times. i have the power to do that. you're welcome.