questionsshould i do sprint or verizon for my new cell…


Don't know how service is in Seattle - do both carriers have the same signal strength? In my state, Verizon works best in the northern part and Sprint is best in the southern part. Take a Verizon phone south and reception is poor.

edit: also, how much data will you be using & how much will they hit you if you go over your plan? I use my wi-fi setting whenever possible for large data use (eg, music streaming, etc) so it doesn't go against my data allottment.


We had this same dilemma. What it came down to for us was actual coverage. Even though Verizon had on their map that our area was covered, when ever a friend or relative came over, Verizon signal was uber-sketchy, kind of like we were on on some kind of border between signal areas (bars up and down every 30 seconds, very unstable). Sprint showed kind of a scattering of signal coverage per their map, but it came in clear as a bell when I was home and traveling to my frequent stops.

Bottom line, figure out where your usage is (home, work, etc) and see if you can borrow or observe a buddy's signal while in those areas and traveling to and fro.


I personally use sprint, but i have the non lte 4g here in the twin cities. I also use avg of 8-10 gigs a month, could be more too during some times, it really just depends on whether you will be using all the data or not. If not go verizon there LTE should be a bit faster but they like to nickel and dime you for other things. With sprint i just rooted my phone (android) and use it as a hotspot for free so don't need to worry about paying for extra tablets or anything of the like.
Also most carriers will let you borrow a phone for a week or so, this should allow you to see strength of signal where you usually are. So use that to your advantage.


I've had Verizon for 12 years. I've sat next to people using Sprint who couldn't get a signal. That was true in remote areas of Montana, and in airports such as Dallas and Chicago.

I won't go to Sprint.


Need a little more info but I would do a pros/cons list also about the tablet +$10 you should be able to tether for free on your new plan but this will use plans data on Verison. Be sure to use WiFi when you can you can also change your data plan from month to month depending on your usage to prevent over/under using. I think you can do this up 3 times a month.

Unlimited data +
3g -
Signal strength?
Cost vs Verison?

6gb - unless this is all you need
4g ++ noticeably faster then 3g
Signal Strength?
Cost vs Sprint?

I had similar issues and eventually went with Verison because of 4g and better coverage and in the long run it saved me $20 a month but I don't have unlimited data and really don't need it WiFi at home and work and many other places I frequent, just my 2 cents. Good Luck


One other things to add, Sprint has unlimited roaming. If you got a world phone, such as the photon, it can use any signal you come across for the same price.


sprint's prices, coverage, and unlimited data make it a no-brainer where I live, I get 4G coverage 90% of the time, so I'm very happy with sprint, particularly since they are now the ONLY CARRIER with truly unlimited data.


I've just gone through this with AT&T and Verizon for my work cell phone. AT&T coverage where I am seems bad.. or my phone is bad... never been able to totally attribute my issues to one or the other. But, after talking with a lot of people, they seemed pretty happy with Verizon (coverage, even if not the company itself). My wife has Verizon (non-smart phone), and when we've driven around I've had no service in certain areas with AT&T while she has. And, data.. forget it. I don't get data in my basement, and sometimes I don't get it in my driveway.

I am switching from AT&T to Verizon, so hoping it's better. My new phone arrives tomorrow. So, I'd only say to do it because I am :-)


Well, we decided to go with the Samsung Galaxy S3 phones with Verizon. So far we are pretty happy. A couple of factors influence our decision. First Verizon's LTE network is up and running while Sprint's is "coming soon." We also heard a rumor that Sprint was going to piggy back on Verizon's network in order to get their LTE network running sooner. The other part of that rumor was that Sprint's unlimited data plan would not apply when one was on a piggybacked tower, as Verizon is planning on throttling heavy Sprint users.