questionswhat's the best way to get rid of unwanted cds…


they make a lot of nice colors in the fire pit


It is my understanding they are hard to recycle, due to the layers of material. How about cool reuse ideas?


Drink coasters or wind spinners are easy to do.


They make great replacements for clay pigeons when skeet shooting.


(@jrpigman assumes no liability for you burning down your house in an avoidable act of stupidity)


I personally would cut them into little squares and make a disco ball out of them.

Just some ideas. I have a lot of junk CDs as well building up.. just haven't had the "spare time" and "effort" to do anything about it though.

If you like playing guitars (or other string instruments) or you know someone who does, you can also get yourself a guitar pick stamper/maker for an OK price (there should be others out there). Or you can trace them out..

The possibilities are endless with what you can do with used and used CDs. :D


I have sent them to the same recycling center for years (but I wait until I have a lot before I do it). I will wait until Monday, and call them, before I post the address here. Last time I called (to make sure they were still accepting) they said they were.


I would suggest either recycling or donating to Good Will. If any of them are still usable or in good condition (ie not completely out dated software), I would donate them. Either it goes to a place where someone might use it, or it sits...either way it's out of your hair.

I'd sort them into "trash" and "someone might be able to use it" categories. Anything that's trash, recycle. Anything in the other category, call up your local Good Will and see if they'll accept them. Anything they don't accept obviously also gets recycled.

I don't know how recycling them works, if there's a fee or whatever, but it might behoove you to contact a couple of friends you think would be in the same boat and make your donations/ recycling drop off bigger.


We have an art foundation nearby that uses CDs/DVDs to make suncatchers (summer art camp for kids, etc.). I bet if you got someplace near you like this, they'd take them.


Use one of the many websites for swapping and trading CDs and DVDs.


I use them to decorate the tree in the front yard. Bugs the heck out of drivers when they pass by and the sun is juuusst right.


@thedogma: Goodwill's a solid suggestion, as they're big in the recycling biz, even accepting empty ink cartridges.


They will scare away birds if you hang them up outside. Great if you have tomato plants to protect or in our case, our wood siding.


Donate them to these people:

Really interesting jewelry made from nothing but melted down CD's/DVD's.


Lightning show in the microwave. Seriously...10 seconds, no more.


@lparsons42 (and others): I am sad to say that the place that used to take CDs for recycling stopped doing so a bit more than a year ago. There are still other places that do this (when I googled, I got multiple hits), but I don't know anything about them.