questionsfree first aid kit... who ordered?


There are several things in life not to skimp on. I would presume a first-aid kit would be up there. Best of luck.


@packman711: Not something I was planning on uses for the house, was going to though it in my truck just in case I ever needed something


i signed up for one and still have not received


I also signed up but have yet to receive.


Deals like that aren't meant for the massive, national, audience deals.woot provides. I wouldn't be surprised if they limit shipping to those only within their area. I would If I were them. Deals.woot is great for passing along deals at retailers, but in some cases it makes for abuse. Not at all deals.woot's fault, of course, but I think they should consider excluding some of these "freebies" which cost others lots of money - which was never intended to be spread in this manner.


@gregorylikescheapstu: :::nodding::: Several months ago someone advertised a "deal" for a free white cane being offered by one of the non-profit groups that works with blind and vision-impaired people. From the comments, it was evident that the "I'll take anything as long as it's free" folks were juiced and ready to order one. I ended up writing the organization's PR person to give them a heads-up about a potential flood of requests; I have no idea how that all turned out, but it's very apparent some offers are made in good faith but intended to reach a specific demographic or geographic target group.


@magic cave: @gregorylikescheapstu

Good points, I am not really worried if I get it or not just curious if anyones had received it. I assume I won't at this point but that completely fine by me