questionswhat happens when i take the remove tag out of my…


When you remove the tag, the monkey is then able to scream... thus making him a screaming flying monkey.


@jsoko thank you very much. I had no idea.


Don't touch that tag, under penalty of law!


Whatever you do, don't let him eat anything past midnight. Midnight WST (Woot Standard Time).


He will count down and explode whip cream.


When you remove the tag, the cameras installed in his eyes begins recording.


don't do it... you will regret it.. (I did!)


As in the description, the tag prevents the monkey from screaming like the tortured souls of the damned. Remove it at your own peril.


It lowers the value(?) on ebay.


When you pull out the tag it sends a signal to Woot and they send you a free BOC.


You and the monkey enter a worm hole. Neither of you may return. It's your choice.


I remember doing just that - pulling out the tag, and the awful, wonderful screech. I was afraid I had ruined it forever.


If you ask my dog he'll tell you that removing the tag turns the monkey into his toy. Ok, he won't actually tell you, he is a dog. There are many dismembered woot monkeys around here. (Make sure they don't eat the batteries!)


That plastic tag sits between the battery and the metal contact. It acts as an insulator preventing the electricity from flowing. Remove the tag and you'll complete the electrical circuit allowing the monkey to scream. They put those plastic tags in there to save battery life until the product reaches the consumer.
It feels like it is "wearing armor" because there is a plastic housing inside that holds the battery (or batteries), speaker, and circuit board.

Want to see the guts of a woot monkey? (around :53 seconds in)


You die, the girl dies, everybody dies.