questionsdid you know that the presale tickets for weird…


I love Weird Al, but not that much.


Two shows does not a "tour" make...


That's the only reason I haven't see him live. Tickets are always high.
I know he puts on a show and changes outfits and stuff, but that's too much for a concert IMO.


These are presale tickets for the die hard fan... normal tickets are $49 at most venues.


@djp519: It sounds like the bands you enjoy have their entire tourdates listed 6 months in advance.

Bermuda, (Al's Drummer) starts listing on verification. It's a beginning list... it started out with a few for 2011 then for 2012

$59 for over two hours of music is worth it to me.


Center orchestra close to the front for $10 more than ticket price? Heck yeah!

Looks like someone only likes bands that have $5 cover charges.


The list is pretty long now...

I highly recommend the premium tickets for the first time goer.. there is an added fee for the company handling the "fanclub" tickets, but are well worth it.