questionscan anyone help me find a quality side-by-side…


My only word of advice to you is, that strollers have to be test driven before you buy one. I am not picky and I usually carried my kids or we had an umbrella stroller but I took my best friend stroller shopping and after 8 hours and 6 baby stores, she still couldn't decide. There were too many variables for her:

ease of steering
smoothness of movement

and the list went on.


We have a Twinner Double Jogging Stroller by Baby Jogger. Pros are that it is a lot lighter than a conventional double, very stable. Cons are fixed front wheel/steering, does not break down/fold easily, storage not so hot. Works great for this extremely casual jogger, with two kids in it and a dog off to one side... Can get into the back of my SUV by pulling the front wheel.

We got this primarily because it was so much lighter than the regular strollers that we had been using - jogging was just a bonus. We used it around the neighborhood as well.


Are you stuck on side-by-side or is a two seater length wise ok ? It seems like it might be difficult to run down the sidewalk with a doublewide


Is it possible to program your kids to walk along with you at this age?

It would make stroller shopping easier. AKA no longer needed.