questionshave you heard ms has backtracked on the xbox one?


Official announcement:
I think it would be nice if they did something with the daily check-in thing for people who want to save the game to the HD and not have to insert the disc to play. Probably not possible cuz you could still sell the disc... Otherwise, I welcome the 180 they pulled! Way to listen and not be stubborn, Microsoft.


Read about this just a few minutes ago. I think it's hilarious.


Wo thinks it will be reinstated in the first software update after release?

To be fair, I wasn't any happier about the ps4 requirement of the plus membership for multiplayer.


They didn't have much of a choice after the poor reviews after E3. They are still going to have to do more to win back gamers with sour tastes in their mouths. This is a start lets see what they do from here.


DS came home from work at Game Stop talking about this. At least they responded to some of the negative feedback. That's more than, er, SOME businesses seem to do.


Now if they would just make it backwards-compatible...


@jrbelle: Not going to happen. It's a hardware problem becausetthey've upgraded to a CPU with a different architecture.


Seems the games can be either downloaded or purchased on disk.

Unless the downloaded version is significantly cheaper, I would go for the disk version. You can sell, share, gift, and lend the disk but cannot do anything with the downloaded versions. If the prices are the same, I cannot see any reason someone would download the game.


As much as I'd love to believe they had a genuine change of heart, I'm sure they realised they were being absolutely destroyed in the press, social media, and by word of mouth and would have come in a distant third in this console generation if they'd actually gone through with it.

However, they don't seem to have retracted the always-on, always-watching, always-listening Kinect camera requirement, so I still won't be buying one.


@cengland0: If you pay for the download game, you don't have to get off the couch to swap discs when you want to play a different game. Instead, you could just say, "Xbox, play such-n-such". and you'll be playing the different game without having to stand up and get Cheetos crumbs on the floor.
I might pay extra for the convenience factor, but not much extra. There aren't many games I pay full price for on disc, so they would have to price the download games cheaper than full retail.


@starblind: The 360 has a setting to turn off the connect sensor. When you want to play a connect game, you have to turn it on. I don't see why the One wouldn't have a similar setting. I'm assuming you could always unplug the sensor as well. If nothing else, cover the lens when not in use if you're paranoid.


That just upgraded my xbone sentiment from "will never buy" to "will consider in a few years".


I don't think you can underestimate the pressure that MS came under from GameStop, Amazon, and every other retailer that sells used games. These are a huge profit center for GameStop. They make some (not much) money on the sale of a new game for 60 bucks. They then buy it back a few weeks later for next to nothing (and they don't use cash, only bongo bucks to be used at Game Stop) and then sell it for 45 or 50, which is nearly all profit. Amazon does something similar.

This was a way to try and make the big publishers happy at the expense of every other actor in the market. Once Sony made it clear that they weren't going to incorporate this "always on" DRM, MS had no choice but to pull back. If they had gone ahead with their plans the Xbox One would have been dead in the water on launch day.


@bsmith1: MS has stated that the XB One will not function without the new Kinect plugged in. I don't think they've yet made a statement about how well it has to be calibrated, ie, can the lens be covered, or pointing at the wall. I'm interested in knowing more about this particular issue.


@djp519: I can see it now...some company will make soundproof enclosures to lock the kinect sensor in... I don't see how they could make it mandatory to have it calibrated so that it has to see and hear things. I don't see how that would work.


@bsmith1: I know exactly how it'll work. It'll do its facial recognition and claim it's some sort of verification system to authenticate Xbox Live accounts, and if it doesn't "see" anyone playing (such as if the camera is covered) it'll log out, which also ends most games. They'll try to make it sound like a feature, enhanced account security or somesuch nonsense.


@starblind: so I'll go take a leak and it will log me out? What if someone walks in front of me while playing? Technically ,I don't see how that would work.