questionswhat is your favorite thing to do in hawaii?


Sunrise at Mount Haleakala on Maui.


Just like any other place, you pick your vacation trip for a specific reason. You picked Hawaii -- it didn't pick you. So you obviously had some reason in mind why you wanted to go there.

I lived there and believe there really isn't much to see. I visited many of the tourist areas like the International Marketplace, Arizona Memorial, Hanauma Bay, Halona Blowhole, and Chinaman's Hat. None of them were very interesting.

Perhaps I missed some of the more exciting places like seeing an active volcano or some of the awesome waterfalls but those were so far out of my way that I couldn't be bothered to visit them.

With all that said, I had more fun visiting much cheaper locations like devil's tower, Mt. Rushmore, Jewel Cave, etc. That's right here in the continental US where there are reasonable prices and accommodations.


What island(s) are you going to? They're all very different with different things to do. I lived on Oahu for five years and honestly don't miss it a bit. There's a few restaurants that I miss being able to eat at but other than that not so much. I definitely have never felt the need or desire to go back. Of course, it's different when you're a tourist and don't have to put up with all the nonsense and shenanigans that's part of daily life there.


@cengland0: @zuiquan: I agree, living there is not all that it is cracked up to be. The short time I lived there was a lot of fun though. I spent most of my days hanging out on the beaches, eating and drinking with friends, trying to find the set of "Lost" and all around being a bum. To answer the question, there are tons of hikes to go on, Pearl Harbor, fun booze cruises and much more. If you are going for less than 10 days your days will be filled with things to do and will have a great time.


Manapua, hot manapua fresh from the oven.


I'm hoping to find out some day.
I would imagine it would be beach and nature oriented. Would love to see some turtles and whales and stuff like that.
Maybe some surfing lessons and snorkeling thrown in for good measure. I love the oceans. No matter the weather or which coast or if it's rocky or soft sand. Sit and listen to the waves and hear what the ocean has to say.


Some of the things I enjoyed while in Maui
1) Hula Pie
2) Snorkeling
3) Whale Watching/Sunset Cruise
4) Authentic Luau


Eat fresh fruit (especially pineapple) and swim.