questionsfound lost ups package. what should i do?


If that situation happened to me, I would call UPS. I'm pretty sure they would even come by your house at your convenience to pick it up.

If you gave it to the restaurant, it's possible they already made a claim for the lost package so they would get the claim plus the actual package. Not necessarily fair.

I'm glad you didn't just decide to keep it. It's your good deed for the day :)


@cengland0: kinda thought just going there to eat lunch tomorrow and giving it to the manager. I needed to pick some place to eat anyway. Besides I'd get achievement unlocked. "Delivery Man" worth 5 points lol. And I didn't even have to buy brown shorts.

Has never been a delivery driver

though truthfully I was kinda worried they would claim they never got the package still. I dunno honestly why I should even care that's on their conscious after all not mine.


@dravack: I never eat at restaurants but if you frequently go there and know the staff, it's okay to give it to them too. Interestingly, it could have been missing for a year and could be a food item -- Yuck. I'd be dying to know what it is now and discussing it with the manager could give you more info.

The restaurant might still need to make a claim especially since you found it on the side of the road. What if it's a fragile item and it broke after falling out of the truck?


@cengland0: it's from a plastic bottle company least according to the ship from label and it was just there today roughly around 7:30 or 8pm. Since that's when ups always delivers to my house. I drive by the intersection everyday to get home. That's how I know it's from today less I'm just blind.

The box is pristine and everything is fine inside. I mean its plastic lol. Honestly it looks like someone took the box and just set it down. It's a box of dozens of plastic squeeze bottles lol.

Edit: I don't know the staff though I really should get to know like the cook and manager since they serve really good food. The rest of the staff are just college kids who aren't there the next day. In all honesty I've been making an effort to eat out less. It's healthier and cheaper to cook at home. I still go out about once a week though less I'm running late or don't have time to cook.


If you are going to the restaurant take it and tell them how it came into your possession.
Too bad you didn't get a picture of it on the road. Maybe right down the road where you found it. -- in case it is damaged and they need to file a claim.

On the other hand, If you call UPS you will be put on hold. You will probably have to fill out forms.

You're doing a good deed. take it to the restaurant and let them handle it. Leave your contact info in case they need to report it damaged and need you to back up the circumstances. That seems to me to be the best -- you do a good deed and w/ the least amount of inconvenience to yourself. I would NOT take it to UPS w/ any expectations of a reward. It's not going to happen.
Plus that's kinda not in the spirit of a good deed.
I think they should be done w/ o strings attached. --my 2 cents.


@ceagee: Yeah I was like 99.99999999% there wasn't any kind of reward system. Really this post was more of an excuse to waste time when I should be studying for a final lol.

UPS is really who I should probably turn it in at. But, honestly I needed to choose a place to eat lunch at tomorrow anyway. So will probably go there and just give it to the manager. If they still file for insurance that's on them not me. Plus the ups store is in a shopping center near the local elementary and high school so high traffic area and has no red light. So that's my excuse.

The distribution is one town over but I don't have any plans going that way till Friday.


@dravack: I guess another option is to call UPS when they open and say, hey i'm going over there should I deliver it or do you want to come pick it up ? That way it's on them.


@ceagee: yeah would probably do that if I didn't have to listen to a robot and be put hold for an hour. Lol.

I love technology and work in IT but there are just somethings people should just handle. Ie: being a telephone operator.


I'd call the bomb squad and report it.


@gyrfalcon: lol dude I live north mississippi in the middle of no where. There's no real worries of bombs or anything here


This happened to me once before as well. Call UPS and they should come and pick up the package.

Also, if you don't already have it, UPS My Choice is giving away 1 year free subscriptions so kind of a reward I guess. Use promo code BJFCQSAY5, you don't need to even enter a credit card.


@hackman2007: I use UPS My Choice all the time and it has always been free. There is another level of service called UPS My Choice Premium and usually costs $40/year. It allows you to select a different 2-hour window for your deliveries.

Your Promo code produces the message, "Promotion Code is no longer available (1054)" so it doesn't seem to give me the upgrade from regular to premium. Bummer because I'm expecting a package today about 15 minutes after I leave and I refuse to give them $40 to change that time. They will just leave it at the front door anyway. Never had a problem in my neighborhood. I get so many packages that I'm on a first-name basis with my UPS driver.


@cengland0: The first time I entered the code yesterday, it said it wasn't available. I typed it instead of c&p and it worked. Remember to add it to all addresses in your account.


@pyxientx: Typing it in doesn't make a difference, I get the same error. Note that it says, "Promotion Code is no longer available (1054)" so it is recognizing the promo code but it's probably expired or a single-use code.

If I enter a random code, I get the message, "Promotion Code is not valid (1036)" instead.


Had FedEx made an delivery to me once that wasn't mine. Called them and they sent someone over right away to get it. I'd opened it - hadn't even checked the label, didn't think I needed too till I'd seen what was inside.

They were grateful to get it back.


@cengland0: Check out this forum. Slickdeals. That is where I found it yesterday. People are having the same issue, but keep trying and eventually it works, for some. I don't know what the issue is, but maybe persistance does payoff.

Never mind. It is expired.


"lol dude I live north mississippi in the middle of no where. There's no real worries of bombs or anything here"

@dravack: I think I drove past your house last week!


@belyndag: lol you drive anywhere near oxford ms?

Home of the ole miss rebels (college football), William falkner, and john Grisham and that's about it.


I bought a high end computer 12 years ago at an online auction site ( When I went to UPS to get it they gave me two huge boxes. I thought maybe there was a monitor included, although I was only expecting a computer. Back then most computers came with monitor, keyboard and mouse. The second box didn't have an addressee, it just had "2 of 2" with a scanner label. When I opened the box it contained a very nice printer. I assumed that it had been bundled with the computer in the auction and I'd been so focused on the computer that I hadn't paid any attention to the printer. So I set it up with the computer. About 3 days later UPS called me and said that they'd given me the second box by accident and could they please come and pick it up? They set an appointment and were there exactly on time in a car, not a brown truck. I told them I'd been using the printer for a couple of days and didn't have all the original packaging so whoever got it wasn't going to be happy.


@mtm2: I learned my lesson about opening packages without checking addressee info last December, when I opened an Amazon box and discovered the really great book The Spouse had ordered for a Christmas gift for me.


BOC Box of Crap, who wants it?
No.. take it to UPS.


@dravack: Not in a while, but we head up that way occasionally. I am actually from a small town just south of Jackson, although I've lived in Louisiana for most of my life.

Speaking of which, Geaux Tigers!


@belyndag: >.> stalker! Jk lol. I'm actually moving to flowood in a few weeks to go to umc.


@dravack: Excellent! I've never been to Flowood, but I love the area. Good luck!


The local ups guy says that ups does not get paid if there is no delivery scan and the driver that should have scanned it gets in trouble. I have gotten an extra package a couple times by mistake. We get drop shipments at work and every once in awhile there is and extra. Local guy is cool, I call him and he gets it fixed. You might have a driver tearing his/her hair out looking for that box.


@pattiq: Not sure about UPS not getting paid if there is no delivery scan. I've sent many packages through UPS and they take my payment immediately when I print the label to apply to the package. If the package is delivered to the wrong address, there is still a delivery scan so that also does not make sense. Maybe their policy allows for a refund if they lose your package and that's what you mean by not getting paid but technically they did get paid and you have to make a claim to get any money back.

As a followup on the package I expected yesterday, I had that delivery window from UPS from 3:15 PM and 7:00 PM. It was actually delivered at 2:00 PM. So even when they give you a large 3 hour 45 minute window, they still don't deliver it within it. Worked out for me since I was still home so no problem.


Mission Complete but thinking lead me to another question... How the heck did it fall out of the truck anyway. It's not like they drive with the back door wide open.


@dravack: that one is easy to answer, they often set packages on the back fender, while jostling the others around. Probably forgot and it just fell off later. Although I saw a ups truck, just last week, and and the door was half opened and bouncing around. Latch didn't catch, I guess. Couldn't get his attention in traffic. Probably a whole lot of squeezy bottles loose in the wild now.