questionswhy is my subway july promo deal being removed?


Same answer as above. I'm slow on the draw.


@tbgolladay: Thank you for your response. I just figured since my June deal was removed this one was also being taken down for some reason. I did not think that it being a day to soon would be a big deal
Wish a mod would just send a PM letting us know why the posts are removed


becuase it's a duplicate question too?


Honestly even if it wasn't a future deal I think it's a pretty dumb deal. The fact is everyone knows Subway has a different special $5 footlong every month. Even if they didn't, Subway advertises it when you go to Subway so I doubt this deal is sending people out of their houses to go get Subway.


I maybe posting my last deal on woot. I just posted the July $2 promo and the $5 promo again. Both were taken down. I am 2 hours early so that could be why but I doubt it. If a mod can explain why to bring me some light that would be making things right if not it is woots loss and there members that I no longer post here.I do not have this problem on Fatwallet where I do post most of my deals. I will be trying once again to post it after midnight so lets see if the timing had anything to do with it.

BTW I did check to see if the deal had been posted before and it was not. I can not see for what reason why it would be taken down.


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: It was not just thee $5 deal, I posted a Coupon for a $2 6 inch Sub, Not many know about this


@bigfrank: Okay at least you put something else that a lot might not know about. That being said, they started this promotion last year and do it every 3 months give or take. This is also usually advertised in the windows. FYI you can get a footlong for $4, you don't have to order two 6".


@rabidmonkeyoncrack: I have never seen a footlong for under $5, Then again I only started eating Subway 6 months ago.


I admit I screwed up by posting 2 hours early. My deal has been up about 2 hours now so I guess it may make it threw the night. I hate to tell you this but you guy;s are stuck with me now. I hope to post more deals and most of all make sure they post at the right time.