questionswhat was the best thing you ever got off woot?


My answer will be getting off of woot because it used to be a cool site, but not now. :( DW is a better place, but I'm predicting that it will be sh!t also before long....


Dream Spa 7505 Luxury Handheld Shower Head because it really works.


I think it's a tie between Bacon Salt , Brandini Toffee and those Sea Salt Caramels.

That being said, I know why I have about 15 lbs to lose. Thanks, Woot. :oP


We arrived home from a camping trip in the summer of 2011 to find a box at the back door. Inside the box was a new 4th gen. 8GB iPod touch from @jumbowoot. I was told in the note it was for having the best deal (most up-votes) for a day in a certain month, either May or June. That was a very nice surprise.


The best and only thing I bought from Woot was a Nikon D5100 camera.


I dont think I use anything I've ever bought from it's all just a bunch of crap! I guess it would be the camera I bought my



I got a bag of crap on accident.
The sale was for a set of small rotating USB orange lights, the kind on old police cars or tow trucks. Every order ending in a 0 also won a bag of crap. Nothing good in the actual bag of crap, but was able to wave it in front of my roomates, and the rotating USB lights were perfect for Lan parties


From buckets of carrots by most used:
1> A pocket weather station with hi low temp and clock.
2> A Sansa 6Gb player
3> A gen 5 video Ipod.

From Woot offs:
These were so transparent I forgot them:
1> Monster Cables for the computers.
2> Tons of wifi gear.

Half of my T shirt Collection


Bag Of Crap. Plain and simple the single best thing Woot has ever sold.


My favorite buy has to be the "10 assorted gift bags" I grabbed in a woot-off. Turns out, woot defines "assorted" as "identical" because I received all the same, insanely ugly bag. They're mint green with lavender crabs all over them. The crab bags have now become a bit of a family joke, though, so I feel I've gotten my value out of them.


My Screaming Woot Monkey set.


I've bought a lot of stuff from Woot, but I'm thinking the Leak Frog has been the best investment. Thanks to that little bugger chirping, I knew my gutters were clogged during some heavy downpours, once just minutes before we were leaving on vacation. Another time, the hot water heater went. Yup, definitely the best.


Childs recliner and tons of sea salt caramels.


Free pics and video of Amy.

You should see my full wall collage! ;)


These Frisbees, my dog LOVED them

I have not bought much since Woot changed a couple years ago
Deals and products have not been nearly as good IMO


The first thing I ever bought, a gyroscopic mouse and keyboard set for use with the computer hooked to my entertainment center. I haven't found any other brand that has adequate range, and even newer models from the same company don't work. The one I bought from Woot lasted two years, and since then I have had to comb EBay for replacements. The one I have now is wearing out (the proprietary rechargeable battery quits charging eventually) and I'm worried that this model may be too far out of date to find another.

The second most useful thing I have bought are my collection of 2g Sansa clips, in particular the little red one that has been all over the world with me.


A (Trendnet?) wireless N 300 usb adapter for something around $6-$7 (plus the $5 shipping). At the time, easily $15 cheaper than anywhere else, and it's served me well ever since.


I've scored some nice stuff, mostly from Wine. I'd include:

Some awesome Pinots from Washington state
A bunch of Scott Harvey wines
Beehive Barely Buzzed cheese. I took a chance on that (I mean, coffee and lavender rubbed cheese?) and it was awesome. Paired with the pinot noted above it was absolutely killer.
Oh, and several Shun Ken Onion knives. The deals on them were better several years ago, but the knives themselves are terrific.

But, sadly, nothing recently. Everything has been kind of "meh". I did get the sampler pack of beer glasses (being sold again this week). Very nice, but really no deal at all.


I think its a 4 way tie between :

RCA 5-CD 100 Watt Executive Microsystem (my first woot)
Roku HD
Sony Dash
Goal Zero Escape 150.

With honorable mentions to K-Y Yours & Mine Date Night Pack



In a bag of crap, I got a dog bed pad. It fits in Rusty's crate perfectly!
One of those things that was perfect for me and would have been useless to most people.

Leak frogs are great too. Never saw them anywhere else.


It's not something that I never found anywhere else, but the best deals were here. I always load( ed ) up on glow sticks.
Those are the best for halloween trick or treats, nieces, nephews and grown ups too during the summer camping trips.
I put the "ed" in parenthesis in hopes that the next woot sub group will be "old.woot" or "silly.woot " or "original.woot" or "unique.woot", and I will once again be buying massive quantities of glow sticks.


So many things.

iRiver MP3 player
Leak Frogs
Flush Lights
Both of my DSL point and shoot cameras
And probably some more stuff that isn't coming to mind right now.

(I have a green bag with crabs on it and I love it although I wish it was a little big bigger.)

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