questionsis a tablet and ipod touch the same thing?


If you have to suffer through itunes on both, then yes, i would say that they are both the same.


Can you please be a little bit more specific? Are you talking about the iPad?


no the ipod my daughter is 11 and wants a laptop but someone suggested a tablet i've looked them up and it seems they are similar to her ipod touch just bigger.


Short version:

Tablet and iPod are NOT the same.

iPod is great for media such as music and video.

Tablets are like mini computers that are "good" for media + email, facebook, twitter ect ect. Some are wifi capable.

I'm not a parent but I would be wary of giving an 11 yr old portable access to the internet. It's a scary place for the inexperience/unsupervised.

Also, I could see an 11 yr old easily breaking, losing, or having it stolen off them.

If you want, I would go with a netbook instead of a tablet. Cheaper and easier to manage.


@loosecannon67: I agree with @loosecannon67: I posted this deal to help protect children. Even good children who misspell need protection too. Android tablets will be the up coming best thing but they are just not there yet, the low end one's display are hard to use.

PC MAC child protection.