questionsis this a new thing on woot?


I think it was a glitch, or your horrible connection. I am able to see all the tabs when visiting kids.woot.


He's not exactly wrong, you know. Wine dot woot is there in the tab at the top of the page, but the icons off to the side exclude it, and it's not in the icons on the bottom of the page, either. It's been that way for as long as I can remember, too. It was certainly that way before the last site redesign.


Oh yes! Let me clarify. The tab up top comes up but the picture on the side does not. I was thinking this was by design (for kids) but now that you have the tab up top... Hmm. I still like the idea that they left out the picture. I don't even know why I like it.


@triplebud: Yeah, I noticed that too. I like to think of it as woot's subtle bit of parenting advice -- you shouldn't be drinking all that wine around your little ones.


@pitamuffin: Let's be honest...drinking all that wine is likely what led to the little ones in the first place.


if kids are looking at woot (no) whats to stop them from just clicking the wine woot tab. I respect the effort but don't see it actually doing anything.


I noticed that a while ago. At first I thought "oh, that's good.. don't want the kids seeing a bottle of wine and clicking through!" then realized the top tab was there. So, makes no sense to me.


@kmeltzer: I agree. it makes no sense. I think it's a bug. Kids aren't old enough for credit cards or paypal, so they shouldn't be shopping online. I don't see who this would protect....and why it would be necessary.


It's been that way since before the top tab. Someone a long time ago pointed it out.


@axphw1: Agreed. I remember someone pointing it out long ago but I can't find the thread. :(


If I click on the kids.woot tab to view the kids deal and then hover my mouse over the wine tab, I get a perfectly good drop down image of the wine deal.

And if I click on the image of the wine deal, I leave the kids site and land on the wine site.



@magic cave: Check the 3rd response. The OP was referring to the picture on the right side, not the tab. :) Any late cold snaps in FL lately?


@axphw1 @jsimsace I asked about this over a year ago here with no explaination