questionscheap printer refill ink. suggestions?


New or refill?

What you might want to do is buy a laser printer and then find toner for it with high page yield toner cartridges.


@sgoman5674: If I can find a refill, I'd be content with that. Maybe you're right about the laser printer. But, I do like having the ability to scan documents.


@claudicina: there are laser printers that can scan and copy. I miss my HP that did that, I hate the one we have now. It sucks.


Or buy a printer with TCO in mind (that is, what will replacement ink cost).

I have a Kodak ESP7. It is noisy and slowish, but is is WiFi and in the next room. The ink is inexpensive ($15/color, $10/b&w), and the print quality on both documents and photos is very good. The ink is pigment rather than dye based, so your photos resist fading as well.