questionswhich tablet is the better deal?


Wow, I grappled with the same debate, adding to it that the parent I am giving it to has Alzheimer's and may not be able to remember instructions. In the end I sanitized an old Asus tablet and left only the games I thought she would like on it, along with a live wallpaper I know she'll enjoy. If I turn up a good small economy tablet over Christmas I'll mail it to her. It's not on your list, but I am liking the 13.3" Hannspree tablet I bought for my own use. They have smaller tablets, so they'd be worth looking at for anyone looking for an inexpensive one.


Actually you can get a brand new NOOK which is better than either of those for $129. Those tablets are probably refurbed for a reason. The fact I've never heard of either of those brands makes it questionable. When it comes to electronics I won't ever buy offbrand. You are just going to spend more money replacing it cause it wasn't worth the money to begin with.


I've been loving this thing for 7 months. My opinion, best VALUE around! I paid $179 for mine but here:

you can buy them new (while quantities last) for $129.99 + free shipping! Compare features: 7.9" display (HUGE diff. over 7"), 2 cameras, quad-core processor, microHDMI (I use to hook up to TV), microUSB (I use to hook up to laptop and do file transfers), microSD (up to 32GB), BT 4.0, GPS, 16GB RAM, Jellybean 4.2.2. I use every feature to it's fullest. Can't imagine how others get by without all these features. Recently 15 refurbished sold out in an hour on the Acer store on EBAY for $99, this link is for BRAND NEW @ $129.99. Do yourself a favor, get one or two!