questionsis a deal within a previously posted saleā€¦


I'd personally say no. One is advertising a sale, the other is advertising a product. I can see how this could be taken the other way though. I see this happen a lot though. My favorite is when someone posts the ever-so-frequent Bestbuy midnight sale deal and everyone comments that it will suck, then once it starts I see a bunch of Bestbuy deals go popular.


No. One deal is advertising the event, the other deal is advertising an item (within the event).

(This is going of off Jumbo's Formula):
Same product + same price + same store + same event = duplicate

Contained within the formula, we can see that the product and the event are two separate entities.

I could be completely wrong, but I like to pretend I know what I'm talking about, to impress people :D

@mokel22 lol I seriously didn't even read your comment before I posted that, I repeated what you said almost verbatim :)


yeah i agree with the others, it shouldn't be a dupe.
i remember one person tried posting the URL to one of the Backcountry deal sites. the kind where the offers change every few minutes, hundreds of times a day.

he made the deal post for one item and of course the deal changed right away. then he tried to say "well i'll just make the deal for the whole website i hope that's ok".
not really, that's like posting the clearance page on Amazon. i think deals.woot caters to single item posts