questionscan we make a deal?


Just wanted to say that, for some reason, I keep hoping that things will change. That TPTB will really see that there is a strong faithful following of members here.

This is sad to me. Continuing to drag that wishful thinking around; so hoping things will improve.


I've decided not to worry about it--not to fight it. I'm just hanging around until someone finds a way to post a new place for us to go to. Oh, Snap...(wink,wink), that may have happened yesterday.

edit: Go ahead and delete me.


@barnabee: ::giggles:: You shouldn't be deleted. <----of course, there's no guarantee of that. Ever. Did I mention consistency? BTW: Loved the clever use of 'snap.'

Am only hoping that site "hurries hard." As they say in Ice Hockey.


We have listened and updates are being made that will hopefully make everyone a bit happier. Things won't happen overnight and not everything gets the attention it should. We created the email so questions can be answered more directly.

Please be patient and expect things to continue to change. The goal is to make a better deals site. We hope this community can help us create a great place to shop for deals online.


@prettywootprincess: "We created the email so questions can be answered more directly."

Perhaps it's just my personal quirkiness, but I kinda like having the transparency of questions that get asked and answered right here. It makes it easier for us to keep up with changes and nuances, and it might even save staff time by keeping eleventeen of us from emailing staff with essentially the same question.


@magic cave: Knowing this community I can see the same question coming up 142 times...just the first hour.


@mtm2: You're assuming there will be that many of us still here? Or maybe it's the last Wooter asking the same question over and over again. Yeah, I could see that happening.


@barnabee: both possibilities.


@prettywootprincess: Appreciate your answer & presence here. Will only speak for me, I think I have been patient. I also do not think it's good form for staff to ignore everyone's questions. Pleas, really. All most of us have asked for is qualification on certain items. Been doing that for years. To finally respond and say that you have a special em addy to address those questions seems....well...lacking. Agree w/magic cave.

As I said: "Your site, you can do as you wish." And you have again. Seems a couple of answers were deleted. Did those answers harm deals in any way? Probably not. Best not to mention mediocre things, eh?


@gmwhit: I see what you did there. ;-)


It's possible that while the Deals staff created the FAQ, someone else (not familiar with the department) decided when to add it to the website. Maybe a little early, before it was finished.


@questionsanswered: Seriously? No really, are you serious?

Have you not heard of @lichme? Are @prettywootprincess and @thungerthighs unfamiliar names to you?


@gmwhit: eh? I am not familiar with @thungerthighs. I do however know of @thunderthighs - Sadly, I am not nearly as active as I was once here. Partially due to the inconsistency, and partially due to keeping up with my own site. I was made promises long long ago, and they never came through.

This is the internet. People expect answers right away.


@gmwhit @lichme: i'm totally naming my next dog thungerthighs


@lichme: eeeepp! Sorry for the TT typo. kinda said it all, didn't you? Promises made, your other commitments, et al.

'Expecting answers right away?' Right away is defined as what? I'd say a month, two at the most. And how long was it that you were strung on? You who DID the FAQs.

Nope, no longer a viable excuse. This go-around is just another...'we'll get to it. Wait for us.'

...And they never do, GID.


@carl669: Please, I beg you, do not make fun of my lisp. Or whatever that was. Consider that I'm, at best, mediocre. And thank you for being so kind and thoughtful..


@gmwhit: I don't think he/she was making fun. I think they are laughing with you. And it is a great name for a dog =P : )


@ceagee: True story: Years ago there was a woman listed in the Aspen/Vail Colorado directory as Magnolia Thunderladypart. Real name? I know not. But, will vouch for the fact that it was, indeed, listed as such. I checked; was a telco employee at the time.

And the moral of the above? Some things are true; some not so much. I apologize, again, for the typo. Thungerthighs does sound like a perfect name for....a Boxer, or a Lab. Or maybe any other dog.


I was at work when @snapster posted the link and it was blocked at work-- I was going to check it out when I got home, to find that it was deleted-- so now I am out of the loop... sad sad sad..


I'm still waiting for an answer to my question asked on August 9:

Apparently a naked chick in bed with just a sheet is not considered #sexy...bizarre...this is on the Top tab where all the innocent little children can see it:


@ohcheri: You do know your question will never be answered, don't you? Kinda like I know that my constant nagging won't ever be responded to in an honest manner..

BTW: Some time ago, you suggested an "Adult" tag. I do think that might be a good alternative for lingerie, sexy and whatever new blocks they may put on you. The only problem w/the "Adult" tag is...sometimes that just means the size. :-/


I just love our @thunderthighs - voted for Thungerthighs for a dog's name because I think it is so appropriate for some breeds. Just to clarify meant no ill will toward out very own TT


@ohcheri: And that deal no longer exists.


@magic cave: I just think it's funny how closely they monitor my deals and slap a #sexy tag on anything they want at a whim but a naked woman rolling around in bed is fine on the front page because it's one of their "approved" vendors.

That deal was available for 9 hours, btw, so it's not like they missed it. They only removed it because they are monitoring this question.


@gmwhit: I am very much aware that they have no intention of clarifying what is #sexy (or #adult). The mods enjoy their power to slap random tags as they please depending on who is working and their mood.


@ohcheri: Did you tattle on the deal you were offended by? How else will mods know what to remove?


@bsmith1: I was not "offended" by the deal, I was offended by the double standard.


I'd encourage all of you (again) to go to Matt Rutledge's twitter posts. I'm not going to link to the page, or anything (check my old questions if you are interested and don't know). The decline, and increase in rate of decline appear to be accelerating. Hell, until I looked at his posts I didn't realize that wine.woot doesn't ship to my state anymore: at most 12, they have had offerings with as few as 6 states available.

I'll stay here for a little bit longer, I guess. But the deals aren't that good, it isn't that fun, and now I have to pay sales tax.


I can't wait to find my new mediocre purple chair and plop down in it for a long, comfy stay.


@ohcheri: It's not a double standard if your deals are tattled on and that one wasn't.


I posted a rather mediocre deal last night, but it seems almost no one noticed. I was wondering if it would go popular, then get deleted. Check my history if you're curious, it's the first deal I've posted in months. Nothing special, just kinda clever.


@bsmith1: My deal today got the #sexy tagged slapped on it literally within the first two minutes. The other deal was up for 9 hours.

A) The #lingerie tag is all they need to keep my deal off the Popular tab so why rush over there and add #sexy? Hater-Mod is the only answer.

B) Really?? None of the folks on this site that are stricken with fear and anguish at the sight of bare skin tattled on the other deal?? Outside the realm of possibility.

Double standard applies. You will not convince me otherwise.


@ohcheri: You know, no matter what you say to whom...none of it matters. It's also a moot point when the 'sexy' tag is added when the 'lingerie' tag is already there. Doesn't matter if someone is "mad/bad/hater", or members of deals down vote (clears throat & mutters, ahem) you constantly. Not gonna change.

Also not gonna up votes for you. Once again, I would humbly suggest that you try to find non-lingerie, non-sexy deals to post for your site. Those can go popular. Also, attempt to make the landing page sex free. OTOH, please do continue to post the others for those who enjoy seeing/buying them.


Note to the mod that changed my post above re: Magnolia Thunder......

Creative way to change it. Am appreciative that you did not delete it. For those wondering what 'ladypart' might be. Think of another name you call a cat.


@gmwhit: I tried that with the bathing suits. But some @$$hat decided to slap a #sexy tag on that, too, so I gave up. My customers want to buy lingerie and my fans will search for me (see the Leaderboard).

I do appreciate your support ♥


@gmwhit: Would that be Magnolia Thunderherekittykitty? :)


@jsimsace: :-D Ah, I see what you did there. I should not have used the word call. My mistake. Again.

Think Ms. Galore's 1st name in one of the James Bond films. But you knew that.


@gmwhit: Si senora, I did. But there are censors lurking.....right? It could also be the second half of another JB film title,, what was on their minds? Right now we are so off topic that I will sign off. :)