questionswhat's the cheapest (temporary) mobile internet…


There are several prepaid 3G/4G prepaid service available, which sell hotspot access points and have service for less than $50.


I would suggest Virgin Mobile or Truconnect. They both have pay as you go Mifi to which you can connect up to 5 devices.


@dps47: Agreed. Traveling along the East Coast, we just successfully tried your 1st suggested carrier and devise. It's definitely worth paying for 1 prepaid month versus a couple days in a hotel or few hours in an Internet cafe.


@mattysc: I have never thought about doing that instead of paying in a hotel before. I'll have to think about that in the future, although I don't often have an actual need.


Well 4G Mobile Broadband is free for 200MB/month (works for up to one year) if that is enough for you.

Next thing next to that is like 500MB for $9.95/month and so on.

Just check to see first if there is coverage and the hotspot is $99 but I guess you can use it whenever you can since there is no contracts and stuff.


Before the recent plan change, I got a used usb modem and used Verizon without a contract. At the time it was $30 something a month and prorated if you used less than a month. I think they charged an activation fee of $40 to add it to my current account. I got it removed through my employer discount plan. I do not have one now although I may look into my options in a few months.

Might be worth asking how they would charge if you added your own device either to your current plan or a new account and then cancelled after the week or 10 days. It looks like you can pick up a device reasonable.


Another vote for Virgin Mobile/Truconnect Mifi. YMMV depending on your reception.