questionshelp finding headset/controller talkback cableā€¦


It's just a standard 2.5mm male/male cable.
I found one here at for $8.30 shipped.

I love my Turtle Beach's too. Best thing I have bought in a long time. If you don't have it, I also highly suggest their DSS module. Full surround sound.


No volume control on that cable though.


@wickedd365: Oh I have it :)

FINALLY got it when Amazon ran a Lightning Deal and I picked it up for like $50 bucks, a few months ago. You're right though...'til you own one, you can't appreciate just how awesome they are.

I didn't realize how good headsets had gotten, so I wasn't even considering getting 'em before... then posted a sponsored deal and @thefenst and @jaws001313 told me how awesome they were. A few months and $100 bucks later I gotta sick audio setup. I owe those guys a lot :)

Yeah, thanks though...hopefully after a couple days of looking I'll be able to find a Chinese retailer that sells 'em for 99¢ heh...make my life a lot easier if I didn't need the volume controls...I may just end up splicing my own cable together..


@drchops: So true. I haven't had my TB's for a couple of weeks as i had to mail them in for warranty, gaming is not the same. I'm so spoiled to playing with them, it's weird not using them

vote-for0vote-against they ave the in line volume controll 10 bucks after shipping