questionshave you seen the new buy now button animation…


It almost seems to be throbbing. Creepy.


Looks like my radiation detector alarming...oh, wait...


Oooohhh.... look at the shiny light.... I could just sit here and watch, it is mesmerizing...


Looks more drowsiness-inducing than seizure-inducing to me.


The FAQ has not been changed, yet. I liked the bouncing better. It does make me wonder if the siren lights will be altered, too.


@pattiq: Bite your tongue!!! The woot lights must go untouched. We've got to have something that remains the same.


@pickypickypicky: Almost like the scene from "Alien".


the lock&locks are sold out now but the button was going from normal to having a glowing black circle around it, then once the black glow was at its darkest, it blinked white then black again like a strobe. I was at work so it was on IE7 and it looked crazy. Plus the "glow" was jagged. The button looked gangrened

@pattiq: they changed the wootoff lights some months back from a revolving photo light to more cartoony. I guess we'll see in the next 2 weeks (hopefully)


Well, dang! I can't see any movement at all. Tried it on Firefox and IE without success.



@pickypickypicky: I'll see your throbbing tooth and raise with a headache.


@magic cave: I came in just in time to see it live. As far as descriptions go, it resembles how you feel when you're about to fart, but aren't really sure if that's all that's following. It's just kind of expanding and contracting, though that might just be a guy thing. :)


Is it really black like that? If so, what browser, OS, etc.?

I refer to it as "throbbing" now.


@thunderthighs: yes, what color is it supposed to be? I was using Internet Explorer 7 on Windows 7. By the time I got home to view it on another browser, they were fully sold out so I didn't get a chance to view it further


@w00tgurl: It throbs in gold as well. It shouldn't show the black you're seeing. I'll report it but since IE7 is pretty old by now, I'm not sure what they can do.


Bring back the bouncy button!!!!! I may have to make t-shirts, pass out fliers, etc.---start a real grass-roots campaign. It's funny how that little button always seemed so happy when it bounced, despite being the signal of impending doom (that that day's deal was soon to be no longer available.)

As embarrassing as it is to admit, I will confess that it succeeded in its mission on more than one occasion by making me buy something I was on the fence about, had no intention of buying in the first place, or sometimes even just plain didn't need.

On second thought....
Maybe I'll be better off without that bouncy button after all, LOL.