questionscan anyone recommend a small dining set? (does…


It's not quite an answer to your question, but I've had the Norden Occasional Table for years and can say that it is extremely solid and well made. Mine has been disassembled twice for moves (and assembled three times) and it is still rock solid and does not wobble at all.


Bought this set a few years ago:
Very nice set,easy to put together.

The one you posted takes up less space when folded, plus it has the three drawers for added storage, always needed !

I think you should stay with your choice.

Either way, chair pads are essential.



You're welcome.

BTW, after seeing @computiac's post above, I had intended to post again but was distracted by something. Since you've reminded me:

I have the BJURSTA Dining Table in brown, purchased at the same time as my Norden and also still solid after two dis- and re-assembly cycles.

It normally lives at one end of my living room (aka my "dining room" ;) ) with one of the sides that has a pull-out leaf against the wall; thus it seats three.

When I pull out the leaf that is opposite the wall, leaving the table against the wall (ie. ~50% more table space), it seats four.

Pulling it away from the wall with one leaf extended seats five (six if we squeeze a bit).

Pulling out the other leaf roughly doubles the un-extended space and with the table away from the wall easily seats six people (eight if we squeeze a bit).