questionsis anyone following woot facebook for the "90s…


If it's anything like the other times they do it, it'll be called "Pieces of Crap" and there will be a thread in the woot community to follow. Actually, the woot thread is where the "winners" are usually announce.

No need to have to facebook if you don't want to.


@thumperchick: I know you do not have to belong to FB to join in. I just don't care for this method. At all. Also...please be aware that they post your real name if you win one.


@gmwhit: I know that. Most sweepstakes or contests do post your real name if you win. They don't post it in conjunction with your woot sn though, so there's that.

For anyone looking to participate, here is the thread where the POC info, rules, etc. will be announced later.


thumper Thanks so much for the link! It's good to see @agingdragqueen; haven't seen her in a while. I seldom read the threads over there. And yes, even if your real name is posted, most will not know who you are. :-/


BOCs are still called BOCs, but these aren't BOCs- they're just (admittedly crappy) giveaways.

For the Facebook h8rs, you can follow along over here:

O whoops. @thumperchick already linked that, all hail @thumperchick, The Wise!