questionswhy aren't front load he washers and dryers madeā€¦


Because when washers and dryers did have that design (and some in fact still do), idiots would put the loaded clothes basket on there, their kids would jump up and down on them, and then they would create an account on a website for deals to ask why the door broke?


@stile99: He'd probably do better to go over to where he'll get a higher quality of strangers, maybe? I hear they give away free steak knives for the best question of the week. Or maybe it's for the worst question of the week; it's usually hard to tell the difference.


@magic cave: I really think we should start that site. By we, I mean you. I will happily ask the first stupid question! "Why do people wander into and treat it like google?"


actual answer: Because the front loading design is part of what makes the High Efficiency washers more efficient. DUH.


Now from the stupid question to the even more stupid: I have had both kinds of washers and dryers. I never broke the front drop down door because I was too stupid to keep my idiot progeny from jumping on it. The basket sat on the floor below it and the door was used to fold before putting the clothes in the basket. If something fell out of my hands before I got it folded, it was caught. I have had two sets of DUET HE washers and dryers. I loved them both, but when you accidentally drop the wet clothes, they hit the floor, not the door that doesn't open from the top. The same thing is true of the dryer. Older people and physically disabled can't bend as easily to pick up off the floor as all of you and your congenitally stupid offspring.


I don't know about other people's washers but the ones in our building have a pretty grungy, and wet, door. I would be very unhappy if my laundry dragged across that surface on its way out of the machine.

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@lbersk: Maybe it's your method that makes your needs special vs. the rest of the population. I would not fold clothes hunched over a dryer. Unfolded clothes go to a basket and I then head to a large work surface in the bedroom at a more appropriate height (i.e. the bed). Since there's no door in the way, I can pull the bulk of the clothes straight into the basket in one motion instead of lifting most.


@lbersk: Why on earth are you folding your clothes on the washer/dryer door? Especially considering that the top of the machine (if kept clean) is a much more preferable height, if you don't just fold on your bed.


I think some may be misreading the question. The original poster isn't asking about an HE washer that has the door on the top of the washer - rather about a front loading HE washer with a bottom hinged door sort of like the dryer in the picture posted by @kamikazeken, above.

My front load HE washer has a door that is not flat on the inside - it has a truncated-cone shape that protrudes into the washer to seal against the gasket. That protrusion would be pretty awkward to work around if the door swung down to a horizontal position to open, with the cone sticking up.


@lbersk: Which still begs the question: why did you come here to ask about this? You don't know how to google for information? No church ladies, bridge clubs, square-dance groups, or sewing circle women who might be more closely aligned with your life story and personal preferences?

I'm both old and slightly disabled, by the way.


I swear, some people really are too stupid to be allowed onto the interwebz.


I think the real question was how many idiots will try to answer this question. It is obviously a wood chuck chucking wood question with a snipe hunt thrown in. Add me to the list of idiots, but at least I know this dumb questions was to get dummies to respond.