questionsdoes anyone else see a pattern here?


I tattled too. Maybe between all of us, we can get it expired. Never mind that if that's been the price for 8 months, it's not really a deal.

Almost as annoying as vendors expiring and reposting the same deal. Almost.


@okham: I think "almost" is fitting in this case. If my question isn't deleted by morning I will look like an idiot. Thanks for verifying that it's an issue. :)


I see a pattern, but it actually has nothing to do with the cable deal....


Not surprised. I found a circle of vendors selling the same crap over and over again and posting new deals using identical wording for each one. Sometimes I feel like tattling is a waste of time because they just let the shit continue all over again anyway.


@lmensor: Me too! Generally it takes "new people" awhile to know so much about how Deals works. I see patterns with @moosezilla (<3 her, BTW), and @robingraves. Why, they could almost be twins! I wish @moosezilla would come back, though...


@90mcg112: cough shelbournecountrystore cough


I do not tattle often, but when I do I look for a pocket of daily deals and mention in the comments that this company is a daily deal site. Please expire all but today's deals.

And it works!


I don't often tattle but when I do I make it dostattle. Stay tattled my friends.


so i have been watching this since the beginning of your post, wondering when/if anything would happen.
according to what i have heard from @jumbowoot (yes, i did that to page him because of my annoyance with this place) all but the first one should have been deleted. the three month, one month and yesterday posts should never have been allowed, thus they deserve deletion. why they chose to expire the popular one instead of deletion could only be explained by they like stuff with upvotes. and why they chose to leave the other two can only be explained by one of two options: either the person doing the mod side was lazy and didn't want to, or they like having larger number of items listed even if it is the same item multiple times.

btw: @questionsanswered i hear @moosezilla still haunts these halls, just wont log in anymore unless really important.


wakes up

What? People still bother tattling? Huh, maybe that's why I dropped down below 99%.
Deals maintenance is no longer a priority for woot, so it's not longer a priority for me.

Small Fold.


@okham: They have all been RIP'ed now. Maybe someone should make a question about some of the other "offenders"? Or do like @thumperchick and let DW do their own maintenance?