questionschallenge: lowest price for hampton bay ceiling…


Home Depot is probably the best place to find those. Or Lowes. I have been looking at the brand for a while and I haven't found them anywhere else for less. But I am also not really willing to pay the massive amount of shipping when I can drive 2 miles to my Home Depot to get one.


@hobbit: You're quite right. Hampton Bay is a Home Depot "store brand" so you should only find them there. FWIW, Lowe's "Harbor Breeze" line of fans are of equivalent quality.


@heymo: that is what I was thinking it was a Store brand but I wasn't sure. So basically Home Depot is the only place to find them and the deal that is posted is going to be the cheapest.

I have heard good things about Harbor Breeze, I have a friend who works for Lowes. She really likes them, of course it is the brand she buys.