questionsdo you just rinse some dishes or feel they all…


I never feel that all of them should be washed, just the ones that have been used since the last time they were washed.


I rinse our pizza stone and cast iron skillet, but using soap on them is a no-no. Everything else gets washed after using.


If I have a piece of toast or a piece of fruit on a dish, I just rinse it. If I have something like a sandwich or meat on it, I wash it with soap and hot water. My nylon meat cutting board always gets the soap and water treatment (and bleach if I have cut raw meat on it). My wooden veggie cutting board is only rinsed.


Soap and water for everything... my old roommates never thought even cleaning up after themselves was necessary.


I wash everything. The only exception would be if I had a sandwich or something similar that did not overly sully my plate, and then decided to have a snack or dessert shortly thereafter. Then I'd dust sandwich crumbs off into the disposal, and/or rinse if needed between.


It depends on how well the dog did his part.


@jsimsace: The funny thing is, I really believe you.


@elandria: that's pretty much my standard as well. We don't have a dishwasher, so it isn't much harder to swipe the soapy sponge around if I'm rinsing already. If I wasn't accustomed to hand washing everything, maybe it might be a different story. But if I feel like I can immediately re-use the plate (dessert after a sandwich, etc) I will just wipe off the crumbs. I also re-use a glass if the drink is the same throughout the day; I wash it at the end of the day regardless.

@luvche21: I've had the roommates problem before. I once came home and found that a double sink that was overflowing with dishes was now empty and all the dishes were either in the drain or put away. The problem - the dish soap amount had not perceptibly changed (and some of those dishes were DISGUSTING!!) - I would have used at least 1/4 of the small container.


My dishwasher sucks at getting things clean, so I wind up handwashing just about everything and then essentially using the DW as just a steam sanitizer. I also tend to pretend I'm in a restaurant kitchen while doing it, since I'm under the impression that's roughly the method used there, albeit with a purpose-built steamer.

That said, I run most things through the DW step, with certain pans, knives, etc... being the exceptions.


Most things get washed between uses, but if I'm constantly using something, I just rinse under hot water amd set aside. The only things that really come to mind are the spatula I use for removing pizzas from the convection oven, amd the blade for my mini blender.


@mkdr: One of the blessings of being married (definitely not the top of the list, but still up there), is to not have disgusting roommates anymore. I know I'll have kids someday and I'll have to clean up after them, but at least I'll love them.


Since it's just me in the house I usually just rinse out things like cups or plates I just use for sandwiches. Everything else I scrub like my pots and pans or if I heat something up on the plate/bowl