questionswhat is oldest piece of wearable clothing you own?


My father's old Army field jacket. I grew into it, and while I was issued my own, I still like wearing his from time to time.


wearable? Well my favorite shirt is kinda "holy" in the sense that it has holes in it. I don't wear it out, but after 10k washes, its so comfortable.... its my "im home relaxing shirt"

probably had it 7 years now


My brother's jacket from the Desert Shield operation. RIP, Bruce.


1989 black satin jacket I had custom embroidered while I was in boot camp in ft knox, Kentucky. 1987 yellow varsity hoodie from my HS. 1985 or 86 black acid-wash denim jacket I wore every day in HS.


I have a pair of shorts that were intended to be a Christmas gift back in '98. People still think they are brand new.


I have a fishing vest and a pair of Converse One Stars that I got in 1993 that are still wearable.


I have a few shirts from about 15 years ago that I still wear from time to time. My favorite is a t-shirt that I got from scout camp in 1998. It's got holes everywhere. I can't even really wear it as an undershirt anymore, so it's normally got to be doubled up with another t-shirt to wear it under an overshirt, but it still gets worn from time to time. I suspect my wife hates it.

I also have a pair of Adidas Sambas from about 15 years ago that I still wear. All the white parts (the stripes, the heel pad on the back, the insoles, the tongues, and the soles (from time to time) are no longer attached, but they make great shoes to wear when I'm going to be doing something outside. They're so comfy!

I have a few hats that I've worn nearly every other day for the past 7-8 years as well, but only 1 of them is actually falling apart (it's started to split on every seam). I have a hard time letting go when it comes to nostalgic clothing for some reason.


My Monkees 1986 tour shirts. Too small, yes, but they haven't fallen apart yet. I may have my high school graduation dress from 1981, but I'm not sure; if I do, it's getting donated.


Military issue clothes seem to be quite durable.

I have a pair of boots in my closet, issued in 1973. The leather is still soft and I wear them sometimes when hiking.

I also still use an Army issue (1972-73), quilted, cold weather head cover. (The one with the fold down ear flaps that also join in front to cover the throat.) Also a field jacket with liner. A bit tight for me now, but it fits my son. Plus a long, waterproof overcoat, with liner, great for use during snow storms on the farm. It's 37 years old now.


Oldest....good question. I think late 1940s but I don't have ways of dating lots of the stuff I inherited.

I have jeans from the 1970s I wear way too often because they don't make them that way and some very old vintage stuff. Maybe older than the stuff I inherited.


My great-grandfather's, blue, corduroy, flat-brimmed, Uconn hat. Circa, 1920s. I love representing my alma mater with real class :)


I have a wool army shirt that I bought at an estate sale. The property had been stored in a warehouse for decades while the estate was held up in a multigenerational probate battle. The court finally ordered everything sold and the cash divided, so a local auction house opened the warehouse and sold everything to the public. The stuff had been in storage since the 20's, most of the clothing had rotted away but I bought a lot of it for the embellishments. This army shirt is still in great condition, though. I also have a t-shirt that I stole from my cousin 40 years ago. It's one of a half dozen I rotate through to sleep in. It's been washed so many times its completely transparent, but there's not a single hole or tear. It's as comfortable as a second skin.