questionsdo you like breaking things?


I used to work in the retail business and customers used to get me angry but you cannot show your frustration.

We used to sell electronic devices like remote control cars. When a customer would bring one back as defective, we didn't just throw them away. If we did, they could dig them out of the trash and try to return it again without a receipt for store credit or something.

So, we used to keep the cars in the back room. When one of the employees had a particularly bad customer, afterwards they could go into the back room and smash up one of the cars with a sledge hammer. This gave them some satisfaction and relief.

As for me, I have all my emotions under control so it doesn't help but I'm glad that was a service I could provide to my employees.


I was involved in the student theater when I was in college. We used to save up until the end of the quarter old platforms and set pieces that we couldn't use again, store or salvage the materials. Then, sometime during finals week, usually around midnight, we'd haul these things out near the dumpster and beat them into smaller pieces with sledge hammers and/or this four foot bit of metal pipe (my favorite). We said it was so that we could fit these things into the dumpster more easily. But, really, it was a great stress relief. We often debated about who we'd invite to help smash things. Those who had a rough quarter in terms of classes, family stuff, relationships, etc were always high on the list. And it wasn't just a guy thing. Some of the people who got the most pleasure out of the activity were girls.


When I was in college, my housemates and I would toss our aluminum cans into a bin in a storage closet, but because we were super-lazy and also gross college students, the bin would eventually overflow and fill up the closet. When it got ridiculously full, we'd spread the cans all over the floor and then jump up and down on them to squash them before setting them out for recycling.

We claimed it was to compress them for space, but it was a most excellent stress reliever. And then it forced us to mop the floor, so that was always good, too.


That's a silly question. Does anyone not like breaking things?

In fact, just last night I tore apart an old Pro Due memory card. Took a magnet to it multiple times, broke the casing, ripped off and snapped the chips and tore apart thing that the chips attach to. Spacing on what the proper name for that stuff is.

I had a blast.


Hmm... Does buying a car for the express purpose of having 10 guys shoot it count as breaking things? Guess that means yes for me...

One early 80's Toyota Corolla ($175). Several thousand rounds of ammo. ~10 guys, mostly (ex)Marines. Three brush fires. That was a lot of fun! Still have a video of it somewhere.


Not if I'm the one that has to fix it or pay to have it fixed. If not, that's a hammer of a different color.


Didn't enjoy it, but....I've broken a few hearts. :-|


Thanks for all of the answers guys. It's actually been really fun reading all of these :) Almost relieves stress just hearing about all the destructive escapades.

I just remembered another good one from my childhood.
Around age 8 - 11, I think, my buddies and I used to bring action figures and McDonalds toys that we didn't want anymore to church. Behind the church was a massive flat rock at the end of a stone wall, with smaller, still heavy rocks all around it. We dubbed this the Memorial Smashing Grounds, where, after church, we would crush into oblivion, our old toys, by throwing or simply dropping the other rocks onto the figures that were poised for doom on the large flat rock.


Love it. Don't like cleaning up afterwards, though :-)


few things are more gratifying than hurling ceramics to the ground.


Anything I can't break or tear up I crap on.


I used to build plastic models then fill them with homemade incendiaries and light them up.
Ships were the best, especially the motorized ones. My partner in crime almost always took shrapnel, but he was ok with it.

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One of the best "other duties as assigned" that I get is to throw out outdated food products after shelf rotation blitzes. There is nothing more satisfying than the sound of exploding glass jars of pickles after you hurl them into a metal compactor. No wait, the sound of the "survivors" exploding as the compactor cycles may be more rewarding. I can't decide.


@j5: When I was an adolescent we lived near a creek. I used to build Revell models and such but was never very good at it....I always had glue fingerprints all over them. I would take my models to the creek, set them on fire and send them down the creek. I think I might have used charcoal starter as my combustible, but I'm a little hazy there. Good times.


I'm a girl, and I had a blast taking a sledge hammer to my old shed when it had to be torn down! Wish I could do that more often, but alas, nothing else needs to come down! I do tear down iPods and GameBoys and such, but usually I try fixing them. I actually find it therapeutic!


only something i dont need anymore.