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I both agree and disagree with the point you are trying to make.
Firstly, I disagree because deals are subjective. Say, for example, I was browsing the internet, and found a copy of "Your Movie" for $5, and the same movie normally costs $15.
But what if you hate, or like, that particular movie?
Should I post it as a deal?
I agree because DVDs are an easy post. Do people ever click the link, or buy one?


@atd15: I understand your point about the price and technically I can see that being a "deal" because of the price.

However, when there are a whole lot of DVD "deals" out there, then the validity of your deals approach is reduced.

I.E. every car company selling their cars for 50% off all the time doesn't make them all a good deal anymore, see what I mean?


@atd15: actually, the majority of the blurays i have were bought via deals.woot. nothing like a $5 bluray with free shipping. i've also bought quite a few various other items.

DW is a community driven experience. for whatever reason, people like to upvote cheap dvd/blurays. maybe it's nostalgia about the movie (Blazing Saddles, Caddyshack, Stargate etc), or maybe it's actually a good deal. i know quite a few of the deals posted could probably also be found in the bargain bin of your local big box store. but, who wants to drive to the store when there's free shipping involved?


I would argue that the deals wave moves and will occasionally settle on a product or line for a bit before it moves on. DVDs or BluRays are big right now because they are products that they can make a cut to the price and still make money. Of course throw in a favorite movie and it will be the best deal of the day. Eventually the wave will move onto something else when the companies decide they need to make a little more money off of them.


I really like the cheap DVD deals I find here, I bought at least 6 for Christmas, 5 of them being $4 or less with free shipping. No complaining here.


DVDs have always been a hot commodity for online sales because unlike clothes, shoes, etc. you know exactly what you're getting, and it's exactly the same thing you can buy at a local store, only cheaper. It didn't surprise or annoy me that there are a lot of DVD deals online or on DW.


Been there. Done that.




While I understand your issue, this is a place where people can post what they find on sale and think others may be interested in. As @rayray8822 said, DVD's and Blu-Ray's have always been a hot commodity here. I don't watch tv or movies, but I have posted a few, and bought a few for gifts.


I understand I'm being picky and I never really buy DVD's or Blu-Rays so to me it is just white noise.

I guess I need to figure out a different way to find deals besides hitting "Day" cause I'll get an avalanche of movies (most likely from some of the same people and sites, lol).


@carl669: like the Stargate plug. sneaky Carl, very sneaky.


@pyxientx: I guess what I can take from those posts is that people tend to upvote good movies, not deals.

I don't agree with this practice...but again...just my 2c worth.


@laziboie: They are deals (most of the time), just maybe not the deal you are looking for.


As always, we advocate if the deals you see aren't quite what you had in mind - hunt some different ones down and help make a change!


@davidschronic: awww....someone took the link away. :(


@inkycatz: Can't you just do the #dvd and #blu-ray in the search bar to skip those deals? Isn't that what was decided on the meme's?


@pyxientx: Well in theory you can do whatever you want, but as always I'm just offering more alternatives. :)


@pyxientx: Oh man. don't drag me into this.


@vinithehat: Didn't really. Just pointed out that others, including you, have brought this up before.


One man's trash is...well, you know. :)


@atd15: Yes, actually. Most of the DVD's I have I bought after seeing a good price for them here. They were movies I wanted but not enough to pay a whole lot for them.