questionshow do you "season a gas grill"?


It is pretty simple and straightforward, and best to do when you first get it, before the first time you cook on it.

Wash it REALLY well (even though you have not yet used it) with dishwashing liquid and a scrub brush. Rinse and dry it, and then put an edible oil on it (like vegetable oil) and heat to about 400 degrees. Cook at that temperature (with no food) for about 45 minutes. Turn the grill off and let it cool completely.

Every time you cook after that, coat the grill with oil first and let it cook for a few minutes.

After you're done cooking each time, don't scrub so hard when you clean it that you remove the oil. If food starts to stick, you'll need to repeat the whole process.


I concur, but I think I would wait and read what the manufacture recommends after you buy the grill. Depending what your grates are made of, will dictate the way you will season it.

Some are cast iron, (my favorite), some porcelain and cast iron, SS, and some are coming with non stick coatings now. All of these would benefit from a hot soapy water cleaning before you cook.

There are also those who just wipe down the grates, fire that puppy up and throw the meat on!


Just the grates, not the whole grill. Basically, the part you can remove to wash, on the side that touches the meat. You want the part that touches the meat to be non-stick. That is what seasoning accomplishes.

I should also note that this seasoning method is for cast iron grills. Good point on reading instructions. I'm not sure what a $90 grill is made of, but I might season a cheaper grill anyway if I knew it was one that rusted the last time I bought it. I don't think it would hurt to season a non-stick grill, though it would be more likely to easily scrub the oil off. If you have the choice, go with a cast iron grill.


I've never heard of seasoning a new grill. Our way of grilling is to wrap the cooking grates with aluminum foil, poke several holes in it, spray it with non-stick cooking spray and grill away. YMMV.