questionshave the triangle items gotten out of control?


You can never have too many black triangles. Half the fun is trying to post something that hasn't been posted yet, its a scavenger hunt.


@tiamat114: Except for the fact that this isn't a scavenger hunt site. It's a deals site, and every single one of these stupid theme postings basically renders the site unusable to normal users. The entire listing of deals becomes nothing but this useless theme garbage that people are posting for novelty rather than because it's an actual deal. It's stupid and makes the site useless.


@ninjamarion: Looking for deals is is sort of like a scavenger hunt....


Agreed, this isn't the place to have a scavenger hunt. I wish Woot! staff would do a better job moderating this kind of stuff.


Glad it's not just me! I thought I was imagining things! LOL! too early on a Tuesday


@ninjamarion: [shrug] Not much difference from the previous onslaughts of crabs, zombies, bacon, and a few other nonsense categories. Are you aware you can set the search feature to ignore black triangles?


at first i was like LOL
but then i was like lol


People whine too much.

whine (hwn, wn)
v. whined, whin·ing, whines
1. To utter a plaintive, high-pitched, protracted sound, as in pain, fear, supplication, or complaint.
2. To complain or protest in a childish fashion!
3. To produce a sustained noise of relatively high pitch:


@rookie3001: If you look at some of the postings the WOOT staff are not only watching they are involved in the posting and voting. I think it's funny.


I don't think I will ever make it to the "Black Triangle" status, so it's nice to see all of them here


If you don't like it, just type "-triangle" into the search box. The same thing works for any flash meme, like "-crab" "-bacon" "-senseofhumor".


All these deals are just rubbing it in my face that I have a purple triangle.


I can't believe I am doing this. Okay. 0000douchbags0000! This site is a business, not a place to come and "tag" as this is essentially what you are doing when you put stupid POS sites with themes like black triangles. You, as one other user posted, essentially render the site useless. I thoroughly enjoy wooting until some moron decides to run a theme and ruin the site for a couple of days.


Oh, and for those of you that have the "well if you don't like it don't look" attitude and tell me too exclude triangles to actually use the site through a search feature? Yeah....No.... Not worth the effort to curtail some childish pranks. So, in essence you are losing Amazon and their partners or not partners my business. I'm already on the fence about using woot these days as it's become a useless clearinghouse for Amazon. I only stick around for the occasional "deal" (which just usually means I am lazy and its a good enough deal to buy it and not have to deal with crowds etc.). This kind of behavior actually makes me want to use Woot even less. Childish nerds with nothing better to do than "tag" websites.


@magic cave: And? Those previous trends are precisely what I was talking about with "these stupid trends" being stupid. It's stupid. This is a deals site, not a joke scavenger hunt, try to find relevant things site.

And until a bit after posting that, no, I wasn't. As I'm sure many users of the site aren't. Even if it was publicized more, users of the site shouldn't have to go out of their way to accomplish the main purpose of the site. Not to mention it's not as functional a being able to browse regularly (you can search most votes, but that mostly brings up stuff that's long dead due to being posted months or years ago. If you try to search by most votes on the Fresh tab, you then get all this stupid triangle and other trend crap cluttering it up. So yeah, you guys are breaking the website for something that's not even funny and got old about an hour into the crab trend.


Its racist! what about all of the white triangles???


@nietz: I understand your concern. It's not easy being green.


@peregrinari: Woot is also a community, not just a business. Being part of a community means contributing to that community. Some people have a little fun by taking part in a flash meme. It's short-lived and dies of its own accord. I get that it's not everyone's cup of tea. I thought it was funny, but didn't feel the need to post my own deal. However, even if you disagree with it, there's no need to resort to childish name-calling.


@peregrinari: :::pat pat pat::: It generally doesn't last "a couple of days," you know. It'll likely be over by the end of today.

To a great extent, a site such as this is driven by its regular users; "the community of users" is a powerful business force. If you're already not paying much attention to what's here and don't use the site regularly, why would the community think it should change things to keep you happy?


@peregrinari: I understand your frustration, but it really isn't up to deals.woot to make your life interesting. Have you tried some fresh air?


Okay, we understand why some of you are upset. Well... Maybe we don't.

We all come here to shop, true. But, if it was only for deals they wouldn't have a forum.

You gotta love the ingenuity of the memes. The different posts. It is all in fun and not meant to upset anyone. Guess it's true... You can't make everyone happy. Well, people, it is only for a little while AND you can skip the meme if you want. After all, it isn't ALWAYS about YOU!


@magic cave: Again, and? The fact that good deals typically rise to the top and bad deals get slammed is a much better indication that deals.woot is a community-driven site than the fact that occasionally a section of the community decides the site should be rendered nearly useless. And cool that a staffer finds it fun. But those of us that want to... you know, actually USE the site don't find anything funny about the fact it's being clogged with garbage that renders the fresh and top deals (which I'd guess are the ones average users rely most on) completely useless.

You people also don't seem to get the fact that it's the week of Christmas... a time that... I dunno, people might WANT to actually shop and find things during? The crab and bacon stuff was pretty stupid and bad then, but this is Christmas, one of the biggest shopping times of the year. I mean, why not just flood the site with Rebecca Black & black triangle stuff next Black Friday? Not like people wanna shop then, either!


@magic cave: Green is an envious color. I am sure Brown would love to be Green. White, too, for that matter. ;)


@lobstrain: @pyxientx: Kind of hilarious how both of these posts actually apply MORE to the black triangle crowd than the rest of us. It's not deals.woot's purpose to make things interesting for you (i.e. "HILARIOUS" memes filling the deals pages). It's here to be a deals site.

And "it's not just about YOU"? Exactly. You black triangle memers are just sitting here spouting about how funny it is and how if we don't want to deal with it, we can use the - tags. Which, you know, is completely making it about you. WE, the people trying to use the site for its intended purpose (deal-hunting), should have to go out of our way to use the - tags so that we don't have to see YOUR meme that does nothing but clutter and break the site, at the expense of the better filtering of the Top and Fresh tabs. Yet we're the ones being selfish? Despite us actually stopping to realize this effects not only US, but everyone that visits the site looking for deals.


@ninjamarion: You seem to be working yourself up into quite a snit. Surely there are more productive ways to spend all that energy? Perhaps a nice cup of tea would help?

Most of us are either still shopping for Christmas or Hanukkah (which begins tonight at sundown) or are resting up from doing so. There are literally thousands of sites you can go shop on for the next few hours if you just don't want to use the simple search method that will let you avoid any reference to black or triangle.

Did you check the link I gave you for snapster's comments? (I'm deliberately leaving out the 'at' symbol, since I don't particularly want to invoke him here.) He points out that the community on the site is a valuable part of the business model. If he thought this flash-mob thing was a problem, he'd have acted to stop it, if only by having the mods delete stuff.

Really, try a nice cup of tea. Or something.


@ninjamarion: Where would you find deals if no one added them? You need posters to add deals before you can use the site. It's a two way street. If all people did was use the site to find deals, no one would be adding deals. Maybe you can practice what you preach and add some deals yourself that are what YOU would like to find here on woot?


I like WOOT and the nutty things that come up along with it. Fun and good deals too. Being that I am not a complete over-the-top shopping addict, and I don't "need" something.....showing up at my front door every single shipping day on the calendar to exemplify my expertise in attaining max merchandise at minimum prices, I think the diversion is pretty fun.

And for those who say they will quit looking, well just quit. But I bet it's like driving by a wreck, no matter how much you tell yourself not to look, you can't help sneak a peek..... and you'll come back here and you'll sneak a peek.


@90mcg112: Good suggestion. Back in the days of usenet newsgroups, one group I hung out on for years used to get whining posts from lurkers complaining that no one was posting what they wanted to read. The usual response was that "we're not here to entertain you. If you want to read about that, then post about it and start some conversation.'

@ninjamarion hasn't added a single deal, hasn't voted one up or down, and has commented on only one. If everyone "used" the site that way, there'd be no deals here at all.


@magic cave: I'm not worked up over this at all. I've learned as soon as I see a few of a themed item, I might as well close the site and not even bother that day. However, that's precisely the point, and hence my pointing out the hypocrisy of the "it's not about YOU" posts above. I'm complaining about this because of all the other people it affects. I'm broke currently. I'm not doing any shopping this week. It's not gonna affect me one bit. But it does affect a large portion of the people that would like to actually find deals and shop for Christmas.

And really? "There are literally thousands of sites you can go shop on"? That's what we're going with? "If you don't like this site being made useless so us few can amuse ourselves with memes, leave"? Deals.woot is such a great community, that it suggests people leave if they want to actually use the site? Do you not see how stupid that is? You guys are driving away potential users. With no benefit to the site. That's a bad thing.


@ninjamarion: Did you maybe pay attention to my triangle? I didn't think so.

I am sorry you are a procratinator, but the community is having fun.


It's cute & all and very Wooty, but c'mon guys, not the week before Christmas. The theme has turned out 90% garbage gifts and it's just bad timing for those who are looking for last-minute presents.


@ninjamarion: But if a user who does not contribute to the community leaves, does it make it a sound?


@minglet: what's wrong with black triangle bras and cufflinks?


@ninjamarion: Repeating the same complaint over and over does not make it more valid. It's unfortunate that you're unhappy here, but I'm not personally going to try to make things better for you except by opting out of being part of your audience.


Can't we all just get along? Let's hug it out.


FYI to the 4 people upset on this page... There are 28 pages of triangle deals. Guess you are outvoted.


Plus, I believe that woot! enjoys this sort of thing. I am wearing a shirt with a crab on it that says "VOTE!" - sent to me FREE by Woot for participating in the crab-day festivities. @Jumbowoot, am I wrong?


@ninjamarion: Ok, something just occurred to me that I'm sure we can all agree on.

This site isn't about what neither you nor I want, seeing as neither of us own it. It's about what the woot staff wants it to be. Makes sense, right? You own a house, you design it how you please. With me so far?

Let's say that, for some reason, you decide that you're going to allow random people to paint your house the way they please without first consenting with you. Anybody can walk up to your house and paint whatever they want on it. Obviously, someone will eventually take too much liberty with this freedom. If someone were to paint something you didn't like on your house, you'd have no choice but to put a stop it to. See where I'm going with this?

In case you haven't been around the other woot sites, it's easy to see that the staff has a very good sense of humor. And, in case you haven't noticed, across several of these deal memes, they've never bothered to try and stop them.

Get the picture?


@peregrinari: We are celebrated for our quirks see the shirt that woot made for our crab infestation:

Please have fun with us, it will be gone soon!


@caver2130: I got the same shirt, However i downvoted all of those deals and never posted anything of the sort... The shirt was given out simply for voting..


I don't read responses posted by white triangles. Whatever!


when did the woot community become the whaaa... :_( community?


@nietz: Aw did you have to go there with the 'racist' comment?

Can't we all just get along?


I for one found the black triangle 'flash mob' to be a bit childish. Then again, I don't consider myself part of the 99% either.


@ninjamarion: We are deals.woot What you see is what we are, a community of individuals with enough sense to appreciate humor created by a team effort, while at the same time having the basic understanding of how to search for deals by clicking the right-arrow button.