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Hassle? Can you boil water? If so, then a french press is not a hassle to brew with. Cleanup is slightly more involved than a normal drip pot.

The flavor from the coffee is different. Take a pot of Maxwell House from a drip machine and Maxwell House from a french press: the french press will taste richer/smoother.

Expense? You can spend as much as you want on a french press. I suggest heading to Target and getting a simple Bodum press for around $20.

Give it a try. You'll be surprised.


I love french press coffee, but for an easy quick cup, I actually like the Aeropress. Put grounds in, fill with water, push down, and then pop the grinds out. Minimal clean up because the press works like a squeegie on the sides of the thing. Generally it comes out strong so I'll dilute it with some more hot water or extra cream, but it's not bitter though.

Oh, also, if you have a Trader Joes near you, they have coffee instant packs that have cream and sugar already added. I don't know how they did it, but it's actually a really good cup of coffee (unfortunately I can't really drink it anymore as it has 10 carbs and I'm watching those :( )


I'm a long time coffee drinker, and I personally find the French Press to be one of those things I can just manage to live without. I like drip coffee makers. I hail from the days when a coffee percolator was an improvement over older methods, so I've seen a lot of things come and go. I've had friends who swore by them, and I've also done a blind taste test where the exact same coffee was made up in three ways (drip, perked, and with a press). Everyone spotted the perked coffee (it really isn't as good), but the other two were indistinguishable (this was a group of people who were VERY serious about their coffee).

I could spot the difference each time. I prefer the dripped (as long as you're using good water, good coffee, and any maker that takes conical filters),

It takes longer to make enough coffee with a press. I used to have a burr grinder, too, and gave it away once I realized it was taking too long.

I require coffee to be human. Sort of.


@lumpthar: It's a bit more than boiling water. You then have to put the coffe in it, pour the water over the coffee, let it steep (duration depends on the strength you want). Plus, you can't let the coffee sit in it, so you have to pour it out pretty quick, and I assume that means cleaning it. That.. is... hassle... If you coud let it sit in there for the day, that may be different. But, everything I read seems to say you want to basically drink it and clean it within a short time. The cleanup is part of making coffee.

I like the idea of having a side-by-side of something cheap like Maxwell House, and I guess $20 isn't too bad of a price. The ones I was looking at were $50+. I'll look up the one you mentioned.


@jesseroo: Ohhh... Aeropress looks interesting. Less cleanup.

I think my thing is the cleanup. With a dirp pot, I can make a pot in the morning, and I have coffee all day. I don't have to clean anything. I just have to toss the grounds sometime before bed (really, don't even need to do that). The Aeropress looks like it almost cleans itself.


@kmeltzer: I let my grounds sit in the bottom until I'm done with the pot.
Otherwise, what's the point? Breakfast drinks are not supposed to be difficult.
So what if the last half-cup is strong and slightly crunchy? Add some cream or whiskey and enjoy it anyway.


French press, moka pot and pour over (including Chemex) are among the relatively inexpensive methods of brewing coffee that all take a little extra time and some sort of special equipment. In my experience, I like these substantially more than auto drip coffee. Certainly it depends on your coffee as much as anything else. If a little bit of fine solids at the bottom of your cup don't sound like something you could tolerate, though, skip the French press. I have yet to try the Aeropress, but I would tend to trust the others here since I've seen so many good reviews.


french press is your answer only if you actually like coffee. I drink mine black and like the taste. It makes good coffee great and the coffee is as strong or as weak as you want. Just like the mister coffee.
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I've never tried French Press, but my drip maker satisfies me. Ease of cleanup is also a plus. I should add that I only drink coffee until mid-morning, so I'm not really picky about it.


Thanks for the responses, folks. I think I may try to pick up a small inexpensive one and see how I like it. Maybe I'll find one at a garage sale!


you realize that you can toss every single piece of a french press in a dishwasher right?

you just have to unscrew the bottom and put the pieces on the top of the dishwasher and remember what order they go in.

french press coffee just tastes---well, like coffee....other coffee has a burnt aftertaste, or worse, it picks up the taste of the filter, ick!

and there's no comparison to grinding your own beans. way fresher.

but if you do need coffee to be human before you can make coffee, trader joes has this incredible instant coffee, which tastes better than a lot of drip coffees. I have no idea how they did it, but I do know people who have TJ's instant and then make their morning. Or who keep it in desks at work or in purses. And if you live near a TJ's and someone doesn't and they've tried it, you end up mailing them a lot of it.

But try a french press. you can get a good one pretty cheap. the milk ones are good too.


I see a french press on Woot! today. Anyone use it? Seems cheap enough to try.


I use a $10 French press from Ikea, and I love it. Sometimes I use my regular drip coffee pot, but I've been obsessed with the press lately because of how smooth and rich my coffee comes out. Drip coffee is fine, but I really do notice a difference when I use the press. I get what you're saying, however, about wanting to be able to make extra and leave it for the day, but perhaps you could just pour the coffee from the press into the carafe of your regular pot to use for later?

Also, as far as heating the water up for the press, I just run water through my regular coffee pot so it boils quickly and I can walk away for a minute or two without worrying about it boiling over =]