questionsdid you get an email from amc today?


Yeah AMC, I will be happy to pay early termination fees and switch to ..... Oops, no cable where I live which really limits it to satellite and DirecTV which I will never use again.

AMC is out of luck, and I love those shows. I will rent them from Netflix.


No, but I see commercials for it all the time while watching AMC on cable. I would never get Satellite TV anyhow, I would have to cut down all of the trees that provide my afternoon shade in the summer. Hope they have fun with their games, doesn't matter to me!


I got no email, but that's probably because I have cable. Not sure if that's better or not, but it's interesting that AMC is sending out "anti-Dish" propaganda.


This will blow over like the Viacom thing with DirecTV in a month or so.

Do these idiots think we don't have access to other ways of procuring their tv shows besides watching a television?


@jsimsace: Watch AMC for 30 mins. You'll see "Not available on DISH" commercials almost every break. Especially during the big shows. Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Hell on Wheels.


I don't have cable and I was seeing the "if you have dish you need to switch" commercials on broadcast tv all night yesterday.