questionssince when is the phrase "summertiiiiime and the…


Since never.

Honestly, I got the email, but I really don't read them anymore, so I didn't notice the write up. Maybe they're just trying to see who is still paying attention by being overly gross???


It's a play on "Summertime and the living's easy."


I got it. It wasn't clever, no matter what its playing on. I unsubscribed shortly after recieving it.


I'm sorry for explaining the reason the writer thought it was clever? But hey, thanks for taking out your over sensitivity to the word "ass," on me?


@thumperchick: I got that it was a play on the song. I just don't think it's clever in any way, shape or form. I'll be unsubscribing to the emails as well.


@capguncowboy: I never said it was clever... I'm just surprised at the amount of flouncy and anger. So, is it the word "ass" or the level of lame in the email that has you so offended?


@thumperchick: Summertime and the jokes are sleazy? Sorry, couldn't resist.

I have a friend who is constantly showing me lowbrow, toilet-humor jokes online and he can't understand why I don't think they are funny. I have a reputation for not liking comedy. I like comedy. I just think most of it is mislabeled. Just like I think most stuff marketed as "horror" is mislabeled. Gross doesn't equal funny or scary. For me, humor requires intellect. If I didn't have to think about it, it is very rarely funny. Horror requires imagination. If it doesn't engage my imagination it isn't scary.

But there is a whole population of people who think toilet humor is funny and buckets of blood are scary, because there are whole segments of the movie industry raking in cash from them.


I didn't notice either, cause I stopped reading them awhile ago. They rarely ( being generous ) are very funny or have good deals in them anymore. I still get them because I do. It goes to a secondary email.

After reading what you posted, I will say I am not offended by "ass". I am actually not offended by most words. Can't think of any offhand, but maybe there are some lurking in the perimeter of my brain. I can get offended by how/what/why/when people use words.
This write up was lame. Completely unfunny and lame. Maybe if I thought about it , as a wootizen I would be offended that someone would think I would think this is funny. Nah, it's rather generic and not worth the energy.
Besides, I don't expect much these days. I just I roll my eyes and move on.


@thumperchick: I think most of us knew that; it's just such a poor, tasteless attempt.

Edit: I didn't read the other replies before I posted mine. You seem to have a shortage of tolerance today.


Glad to see I wasn't the only one who thought that particular write up was a bit too crass. Not that I'm not used to such speech, it was just a bit of a shock and surprise to see it in the daily mailer. It's kind of a sad thing to me because I don't see how it was necessary. I know Woot write ups are no strangers to butt jokes or even sweaty butt jokes. Seeing actual swearing was likely a let down because it just doesn't seem that clever.


@thumperchick: I also received a bit of hate. I believe they thought I downvoted or was hating on you. I wasn't :-) Anyway, it's not the "ass" that bothered me. This email was more the final straw. The emails (and product write ups) have become more and more stupid and are resorting to more and more "shock value" type humor elements to grab attention and point you towards their products. I don't mind being manipulated into buying a product if the entertainment was good on the way. It wasn't, and hasn't been for a while now. I believe new woot no longer targets the thinking individual and instead the ignorant, toilet humor loving, jump-at-anything-with-the-title-of-deal general populace. Following the money I suppose.

EDIT: sorry if you thought I was hating, it's not you, it's woot.




@thumperchick: Always nice to see a display of good taste on a thread discussing that very issue.


@thumperchick: HAhahahahaha! I'm so totally using that. Often.


@moondrake: In defense of the fart joke, the peerless Louis CK:

This goes to the theory (which I increasingly adopt) that there can be humor in very nearly (if not) everything, so long as it is done right. Filth by itself is just filth. But filth can be elevated to something rapturously funny through skill. Garbage is a perfectly acceptable medium to a talented sculptor.

That said, you are correct—most low-brow "humor" is just dumb. "Swampy," no exception.


@thumperchick: "It's a play on "Summertime and the living's easy."

Thank you, Captain Obvious!


So, most of the Woot sites are trying to attract people with lots of cash to spend by selling higher cost items, but shirt.woot is sending out classless emails to its customers. That speaks volumes to me about what they must think about those who buy t-shirts.


@moondrake: "I have a reputation for not liking comedy. I like comedy"
Now that was comedy


ah, swampass jokes.. brilliant! Yes, i saw the email too, and thought.. well that's an odd choice of phrasing.

Kind of like dead baby jokes - it was probably funnier in the writer's head.

Speaking of: what's the difference between a dead baby and a rock? You can't eat a rock. badum-bum.


@nmchapma: FWIW, I agree that the email tone was a poor choice. I was surprised to see "Ass" in the subject line of something from Woot, I just didn't understand the level of outrage.
No Worries!

~Captain Obvious!
Up, up, and casually walking away.


Swampy ass is NEVER funny. It's a serious problem that shouldn't be joked about.
Chill out, blood. Since when is woot high-brow?


@bsmith1: Woot is no stranger to butt jokes, but usually they weren't handled in a far more clever fashion. I recall the April 1st where there was "Woot-Your-Own-Adventure" Woot off with a super-involved time-traveling/space travel plot that went across the woot off write ups. In particular was some scenario where you (the adventurer) are pitted in some arena against a vile creature with the butt in it's name. Part of the conceit of the write up was that the natives would instantly kill you if you crack so much as a smirk, all the while they are chanting the creature's name which was something like "butt-hurt! Butt-hurt" but you giggle, you die.
So yeah, they've done butt jokes. However they didn't used to just say the word itself and expect a quick cheap laugh for barely the effort. Sorry if it sounds like a knock.


@thumperchick: Sorry you are getting such backlash over trying to help with the first comment. I know you were trying to clear up confusion, and honestly I'm more confused as to why everyone unloaded downvotes on you just for trying to help.

C'mon guys, no need to be rude here, it's Thumperchick. =(


@bluejester: Thanks! I just figured my lack of outrage caused some outrage :)