questionswant to hear a strange story? what do you think?


They get euthanized in 7 days. We called back on day 6, the owner claimed the dog, and the clinic scolded us for turning the dog in and told us next time do not do it, I was too shocked to say 'but the dog did not have tags and was running in the road, I would have called the owner the dog had tags'. A month later we see the a dog very similar comes up on Craigslist, not many dogs come up on Craigslist in my area, but everyone is interested in adopting a dog in the house again.
I start talking to the owner and asking the normal questions why are you getting rid of the dog, what is the temperament. I realized this is the dog I thought I saved. I did not mention it because of how the animal clinic treated me. After a lengthy conversation about the dog he also realized I was the person who found his dog, he got hostile and hung up on me.

I know I was right in helping the dog, I think.


@caffeine_dude: You did the right thing, don't let those people bring you down!


You did the right thing. Did the clinic say what they thought you should have done instead? Pretty strange for a clinic to criticize someone trying to help an animal, though.

Sounds like that dog needs a new owner, and maybe you shouldn't give up on trying to help/get him.


You did right. Those people are jerks and are embarrassed because you exposed them as such.

Our dog got out of the house without his collar one day. We were out on the street within an hour posting signs, etc. and had him back by the evening as someone saw us posting signs right in front of where a kindly neighbor was holding him for questioning. He has AVID, but it's far better to not have to rely on that.

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@caffeine_dude: Yeah, no matter what anyone says, you definitely did the right thing. I don't understand the people who think that you didn't. Hope the dog gets a good forever home and you're able to adopt a great dog.


Here's the deal from a former professional: you did more than what 90% of people will do. If you can't find an owner through tags you could take it to a shelter/vet and have it scanned for a chip. It's not your responsibility to hold a dog in case some owner eventually comes looking for it. But seriously, that's why animal shelters exist, so that there's a centralized location for owners to come looking for missing animals.


@caffeine_dude: You should have probably clarified that you intend to put identifying tags on the dog and that you are not a negligent animal abuser like the dogs previous owner was.


You absolutely did the right thing. Euthanizing in seven days is a terrible policy. What else would you be expected to do anyway? You could take the dog and care for it until the owner shows up, but you're under no obligation to do that. You might not have even been able to do that.

Don't let crummy people get you down.


@caffeine_dude: You did more than most people this day and age. Thank you for trying and doing the right thing.


So as I was writing this, my self doubt started to fade.
The reason for my self doubt was, I did have a dog, before we got a kennel, for the first week when we left the house we tied her to the ceiling of my garage, this gave mobility, without wrapping the cord up, but did not let her get in garage things. She pulled so hard on the 2x4 in the ceiling it bent the screws and pulled the 2x4 out, the kicker was the 2x4 grabbed the cable for the garage door and cut it. Now let me explain how garage door buttons work. All the button does is complete the circuit. So when she cut the line she completed the circuit, and the door opened. I was called by the animal control (actually our local vet) and asked to pick up my dog. With the dog was the 2x4 still attached to the leash and I had to pay them because they had her. I had a temp id tag with our name and number. I explained the situation but still needed to pay. I was not pleased.

Thank you all!

You think I should call this person again?


@caffeine_dude: I think you did a great thing and I commend you for it. If you are interested in the dog, I'd have a friend or someone else in the household call and put on whatever facade it would take to get the dog. Years ago we were having a party for a friend who was on leave from active duty overseas. Because of the crowds in the house, dog was in a run in the back yard. My friend went out back to visit her and did not secure the gate so she got out into my back yard. She jumped over the 6' rock wall into the neighbor's yard behind us, which was a 12' drop. No one knew she was missing till AC knocked on my door to let me know they had her. I was terrified for them to take her away, offered to pay the fine on the spot if they would just leave her which they refused and was parked outside the facility waiting when they opened in the morning. Our AC has a 72hr kill policy, and there have been claimed dogs awaiting pickup killed there, so it was very scary.


@caffeine_dude: When you say clinic, do you mean the city shelter?

We sometimes see dogs running loose, quite dangerous here in L.A. Sometimes, we are are able to corral them, but usually they run off before we can get them.

We have "caught" 6 dogs in the past decade or so. For 3 of them, we were able to find their owners by letting the dogs lead us (they just escaped from their yards and were wandering around the neighborhood), 1 had a tag and we just brought him back home and 1 went home with an animal rescuer who helped grabbed the dog. I know a few people who do animal rescuing and they NEVER call the city. It's usually a death sentence here with overcrowding. It is better to find a non-government, no-kill rescue organization so maybe that is what the clinic was trying to say?

The last dog we found, sitting under a car with no tags, we took to the pet store and had his chip scanned. We contacted the owner, she didn't want him back, so he's part of the family now. [cont.]


Do you know why the dog's owner got hostile with you? Was he embarrassed? Or was he upset that you had called animal control?

I personally do not trust it when dogs end up with animal control/in city shelters. I've seen more than one story of dogs waiting to be claimed being accidentally killed. One was a hero dog brought over from Afghanistan after she saved a group of soldiers. She was even on Oprah! She got loose one day, ending up at the city shelter, her family saw her on their website of new arrivals, paid the fee on Friday online to get her, went to pick her up on Monday only to find that she was put to sleep accidentally hours earlier.

UGH :-(


@thewronggrape: This level of incompetence sickens me. I mean literally, as in I want to barf and I am glad I've not recently eaten.

Unfortunately this happens WAY too often, and the official response is "shrug Oh well, we're not perfect. Maybe if we raised some taxes we could afford to not be in such a hurry to kill innocent animals...". Just stop being so damned heartless, you evil bastards. It isn't that hard to not kill an animal...all you have to do is NOT EFFING KILL IT. Killing them wholesale and then blaming it on a mistake in the paperwork is just...god, there's not even a word for it. Just know that there is a very VERY special place reserved for you in Hell.


@thewronggrape: Oh, what a heartbreaking story! How much they do for us, and how little we do for them. If a poll were taken among all the animals on Earth to vote us off the planet, I think dogs (and maybe half of cats) would be the only animals that voted to save us. Yet we abuse them, starve them, experiment on them and kill them in the tens of thousands every year. And still we have the temerity to call ourselves homo sapiens.


you did the right thing with the options you had available. it would be great if there was a humane society shelter near you as they're typically no-kill.


The story about Target (the dog from Afghanistan) hurts my heart every time I think about it. She must have been so scared and confused in her last moments of life :-(

Also, I want to make it clear that I am not critical at all about what @caffeine_dude did, which was above and beyond what most people would do. The dog could have gotten hit by a car or into other sorts of trouble and I'm not saying that ALL city shelters and animal control programs are bad. I just live in a very big city with a very big problem and I personally would be very scared if my dog ending up there if I lost him. Thankfully, he always wears a collar with tags and he is chipped. Some shelters euthanize after 72 hours!


I love visualizing everything in my mind when I read stories. What kind of dog is it? If the breed isn't identifiable, can you give us a description :) poor little thing...bless your hearts for taking care of it!


@caffeine_dude: Man-hug here for going above and beyond. :)


@caffeine_dude: I definitely think you should try to get the dog. I kind of think it was meant to be -- that dog needs you.


@thewronggrape: When you say clinic, do you mean the city shelter? It is a town of 10,000 so the city vet is the city shelter. We have a groomer and a vet, the vet also does livestock.
 It is better to find a non-government, no-kill rescue organization so maybe that is what the clinic was trying to say? Not an option. The first thing the next morning we called and asked what would happen to the dog, that is when we decided to adopt, if the owner did not show. It was the 6th day when they the clinic was rude. I am not sure I have the facts right, perhaps it was 7 days for the owner to claim and 7 more for execution. We would have had to pay the fine to adopt.
Do you know why the dog's owner got hostile with you? Was he embarrassed? Or was he upset that you had called animal control? He did not say, I could almost hear it in his voice when he asked where we lived, I think he put 1 and 1 together. I am guessing the shelter told him where the dog was picked up from.


We would have had to pay the fine to adopt. <- I find it strange. You would think the vet would be happy to not house and feed the animal for the full 7 days. Not to mention if someone adopts the animal they would not need to kill it.

edit Perhaps that is a way to make sure the new owner is serious about the adoption. I imagine they would not want someone come in there and pick up 6 dogs for free. Making each dog around $50-$100 keeps people from doing this.

Side note this is the first tag that has not been edited!!!!


I am surprised the clinic was so hostile to you, but as they say, no good deed goes unpunished.

If your family feels up to it (based on breed and activity level), I hope you provide this dog with your loving home.

I worked in an animal hospital/shelter for a few years and it was really depressing to see the amount of animals that had to be euthanized. The thing I want to bring up is that most of the staff and the vet are very caring during this process and don't subject the animals to unnecessary stress and harm. Euthanasia is not as brutal as people are making it out to be. It's definitely tragic and something that should be prevented, but if you've ever gone to an animal shelter, you know all their cages are full 24/7. It's not just a matter of funding and money. Imagine how overcrowded it would be if they kept every stray until they naturally passed? They give windows of time because it's somewhat fair. Also, some animals are kept for much longer depending on health and age.


@curtisuxor: I think the clinic was the vet of the owner of the dog, but yes I agree. No tags, who lets their dog outside without tags?

Self doubt origins:
To the owner it may seem like we kidnapped the dog.
What if the owner, husband loved the dog but wife was on the fence on getting rid of it. This ordeal was the straw that broke the camels back, and the wife made him get rid of the dog. 
What if the clinic told the owner we looked on craigslist for lost dog? So the owner decided to find out who turned his dog in.
I am %100 sure the owner did not care about the dog as much as all of us care about dogs, that did not mean he did not love it.

We would have had to pay the fine to adopt. <- Is that normal?


@caffeine_dude: You rule...
You did the right thing, the owner doesn't deserve the dog...
Shiba Inu have huge personalities, they are Akita in a tiny body and need lots of attention and control...


@caffeine_dude: I wouldn't worry about those things. Although, if that animal clinic is the closest vet in the area, you may have to deal with those people later.

All my pets have been adopted or found abandoned in the street. Supposedly rolled into the adoption fees were the cost of care up until adoption, spaying/neutering, shots and other health checks (rabies, eyes, teeth, etc.). Since the dog wasn't abandoned, it's a little different. Be prepared to fork out for more nickle-and-diming, though. If that clinic won't be your regular veterinarian, take her to the place you feel comfortable with for an immediate check-up and to get shots and vaccinations that may be necessary.

The reason I brought up breed, which you already know, is to make sure the breed's general personality traits will mesh well with your family's activity (some dogs feel the need to go running for a few hours a day). I personally love the temperament, cleanliness and looks of Akitas (and Shiba Inus). Good luck.


@caffeine_dude: Yes, paying the fine as an adoption fee sounds routine to me. I hope you get the dog, do let us know what happens?
BTW - you did the absolute right thing.


Yes, you did the right thing. There isn't much else you could have done if the dog had no tags.

There is a reason that when my dog was alive she always had a collar with tags. She was the best at snapping her leash or tie out. Thankfully, she never managed to get picked up, and the furthest she ever ran was one of two of my neighbors who also had dogs. She spent almost an hour playing with the neighbors dog while I went insane trying to find her (they brought her into the house which is why I didn't see her there!). Another time, she was in my neighbors fenced backyard with her German Shephard friend!

However, I can say that I wouldn't get mad or upset with anyone who kept my dog from getting really lost or injured by taking him/her in while trying to find who he/she belonged to before turning her over to the shelter. I mean, it would be my own fault my crazy dog was running loose with no tags/ID, right?


@curtisuxor: I have lived in this town all my life but my vet (when I had a dog) was in a town 30 minutes away. To me it was worth the drive. The vet was an old dude that loved animals. We found him because he hired high school kids to help. Just a fantastic old school guy.

Started looking on
Ouch $175 adoption fee for a mix breed, but it was chipped, do the fees go down if the dog has not been adopted?

I do not think there is any chance I will get the Inu. After that last call the dog was not on craigslist.
That Inu really put me in the mood for a dog again.

Funny think the Inu lead me away from the owner. I think she just wanted walked.