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Bring someone with you to videotape you going in and after you come out.

I had mine out and took my mother with. She didn't videotape me much to my happiness. She claims that I was hitting on all of the nurses.


It's a fairly simple procedure IMHO. As long as you drink plenty of fluids to avoid dry socket (Red Gatorade/ginger ale/favorite soup) you should be fine. Have some books or movies ready. I liked to have audio books playing so I could dose in and out.

The only problem you might have is if you are a smoker or your body can't handle the proscribed medication.

I remember when they were putting me under that the room began to twirl. I asked the nurse "is this normal?" and her response was "that will happen."
Apparently, my last conscious words (though I don't remember saying them) were "Captain, the ships taking on water." I honestly have no idea where that would have come from.


Make sure you get the drugs. No matter what. When I was in the Air Force you could either get the general anesthetic or just a local. Some guys thought they didn't need the general so just went with a local, like when you have a regular filling. Big mistake.

Since I was just a gurl I got the general. Much easier. I don't remember much pain at all but mine was just a normal removal, they weren't impacted.

Good luck, hope it all goes smoothly.


I've had three taken out over the years; two were no problem at all, while the third (which was really the first one done) developed an infection.

These were very long ago. I suspect the technical aspects have changed somewhat, and the likelihood is that you'll have very little trouble.

Following the two lower-jaw extractions I felt like what I think getting socked in the jaw probably feels like: lots of acheyness in the my lower jaw, probably from the musculature when the dentist had to do stuff that required downward pressure. (I'm being delicate here, in case you get the queasies easily.) It lasted a couple of days, and was mostly just a nuisance that aspirin handled quite well.

The socket place also hurt for a couple of days. again without any real misery. I can't recall if cold or hot food felt better (cold, I think), but I was able to eat the day afterward as long as I was careful.

Basically, unless there's a specific problem, expect to feel achey but not all that bad.


@loosecannon67: "putting you under" ?? Mine were done a couple of centuries ago, and all I got was the usual numb-from-eyelid-to-collarbone stuff. Perhaps that was because I had them out one at a time over a period of several years. One of them was impacted, while the other two were simple extractions.


@magic cave: That's what my uncle told me about teeth pulling in the days of yore. Not so sure I would want to be awake for that bit of fun. I hear you have the option to be conscious or not. Wasn't really a hard one to make for me.


Had three of mine taken out, all with locals (including the two impacted lower wisdoms) as I wasn't a gurl who had to use a general. No problems even with Navy dentists who took an hour trying to get one of the root tips out, just make sure you put extra covers your pillows, unless you like blood stains.


Wow, some really interesting stories here...thanks for all the input so far, everyone!! I will be having all four of mine out - all impacted - and I politely declined the offer to remain wide awake for the procedure. I had a tooth extracted under a local anesthetic when I was younger (I'd somehow ended up with too many permanent teeth?), but I don't know if I could do it with 4 impacted wisdoms. @theoneill555, I am impressed!


@angstangel: May your extractions go smoothly and cause you little pain and remember NO straws.


Since yours are impacted you are going to be knocked out, like for major surgery, which is nice.

You will need soups too because you really can't open your mouth for a day or three and you will want straws to drink your food.


I had mine out in stages. All were done under local (even though one was so impacted that he had to take it out in pieces). I do not remember that it was horrible (and did not get to take meds after one of the procedures since I was nursing an infant at the time).
That said, I have had two children that have had all four removed at one time. (The other 2 kids seem to be avoiding the inevitable). One was in pain, was miserable, and ended up with some complications. The other child took the pain pill only once (as I strongly suggested she take it before going to bed the night of the procedure so she did not wake in pain). She bounced back very quickly and had not issues following the procedure.


You should expect to be swollen, with the possibility of bruising following the procedure. Ice packs help with this. Make sure to have several so you always have some at the ready and do not have to wait for them to chill.
Soft foods are good. Our Dr. suggested mashed potatoes, especially if you are taking meds (helps prevent upset tummy). Straws are forbidden, as it can cause additional bleeding.
Make sure that you do have someone go with you. My kids do not remember the walk from the doctor’s office to the car. The conversations were also amusing. Expect to sleep a good part of the day away after the procedure.


I had mine out several years ago. All 4 at once, and I too was out cold. We went home and stopped for shakes on the way. That straw rule was a beast! Had to "drink" my shake with a spoon. :(

The sent me with a prescription for some pain meds. Took one later that evening. They apparently make me vomit. Uncool. Traded those for some other type hanging out in our medicine cabinet.

The next day I worked at the concert theater in town for Ozzfest. Loud music and screaming from 7AM until 1AM the next day. Not sure what I was thinking. Got a lot of offers from concert-goers to buy the pain pills I had in my little ziploc. "Back off, I need these."

All-in-all, though, the pain meds got me through the pain, and I made it through the day as expected. That's a long shift for a service job anyway.

YMMV, though. I don't remember if mine were impacted.


@hobbit: Both my dentist and my son's oral surgeon said no straws as the suction causes continued bleeding.

We were also warned not to brush the back teeth as it could cause more bleeding.

Like with perkalicious11, my son got sick after taking one of the percocet he was given and he stopped taking them and switched to Tylenol.


Oh god. I am going to have nightmares about this thread. I've had two root canals, and they were night and day in difference, but it does remind me of one thing. Everyone has a different ability to tolerate pain. Mine is very high. Fill the prescription for the pain killers, just in case.

Right now, before you forget, go buy whatever brand of teething remedy is out there. It'll be called something like numbs-it (I don't remember any more, it's been better than 35 years). You can also track down clove oil.

Get bendable straws (you'll thank me later). I also recommend a nice single malt, but that's just me. Bourbon's okay too. Yes, you can drink those through a straw, and also swish them over the affected area. Whoo-hoo, disinfectant for raw gums, and numbing for brain, all in the same cup.

You might also like bouillon or tea as a hot drink.

As a side note, I still have all four of my wisdom teeth.


I had all four taken out in one sitting under a local. Three impacted, with one of those grown sideways. While somewhat painful, it was not excruciating or unbearable. What made me uncomfortable during the procedure was hearing my teeth being broken to pieces in order to remove them. After the local wore off, I was given oxycontin, but I only used half the recommended dosage because I do not like the "zoned out" feeling narcotics give me, and only then at night. I guess my pain threshold is also high.

From my understanding, the "no straw" rule is to prevent you from causing suction enough in your mouth to dislodge the blood clots that will form where your teeth used to be located. My doctor allowed me to use them, but very gently. And I was also advised to brush those areas very gently.

I also recommend that you use an older slip case on your pillow (or two) for the first few days, as you will probably seep blood for the first couple of nights.


@perkalicious11: yea my pain pills didn't help. My mom went to the doctor and got me, I still remember this Perscription strength tylenol...which did NOTHING, I ended up just staying in my bed in misery for a week, it was summer I had nothing to do. It also gave me a reason to throw tennis balls at my brother for annoying me.

@angstangel they may give you powdered protein stuff to drink. I won't comment on that. I at a lot of soup. I was also 16 and I am still a bit miffed that my mom didn't tell me this was happening, I came home from three weeks of camp, I was a leader, and she says tomorrow you are going to oral surgeon.


Definitely NO straws. Lay off the ibuprofen & aspirin products at least one week out. Lay in a supply of gel cold/hot packs. Stay on top of the pain medication!!! Can't stress this enough!
For the first few days, if it says every 4 hours, then follow the dosage directions. If you don't, you may find yourself in the unfortunate predicament of not being able to get back on top of the pain & knock it back down.
Do not be afraid of asking for more pain meds if they aren't working before you are discharged. We found with my son that Vicodin given to him in recovery had almost no pain relieving qualities. After having to shake a few stars & bars & RNs, I got them to grab the surgeon to give him something else. They pushed quite a bit of morphine into him to get his pain down to a tolerable level. The surgeon also switched the pain meds prescribed for after care. It was not the best of experiences.

Mine, they popped out like corks and I was a happy camper with motrin.



Thanks for all the info and good wishes, everyone!! I'll be going in on Friday morning, so hopefully everything goes well. Keep up with the drugs; got it. ;)


I had to have all four of mine cut out about 15 years ago. Not going to lie, it sucked. I looked like I'd been beat up from all the bruising! I ate lots of soup, not so much ice cream-the cold made my jaws ache. I was also in the camp of avoiding straws. I do have good news though...I had a friend who had all four of his done and he was out eating pizza the same night!

Best of luck to you! Let us know how it goes!


Thanks, everyone! I slept a lot after the surgery, but ice packs and triple-strength ibuprofen have helped a lot with the swelling/pain (I haven't yet had to take the Vicodin). I'll probably look like a chipmunk for awhile longer, and I'm looking forward to being able to open my mouth wide enough to eat real food again, but all in all, I think it went pretty well. Thanks again for all of the good thoughts!