questionsdo you take "% off" deals seriously?


It depends on the site (do I know it, do I know the items they sell) and the percentage and the shipping.

Too many times, shipping (and to a lesser extent, tax) kills a deal.

Sometimes there is more work involved with a %-off deal, but not always (depends on the site and the item(s) in question and how well you know them ahead of time).


I'll look into it. I shop around for the specific item. Find the lowest price, then see if the % off will get me below that price.

Often you'll find that paying more with a % off is cheaper than a cheaper non-discounted price


By that logic, if they give you $50 off, then they're probably "overcharging" by $50.

Sure, some places do overcharge, then give a discount to bring the prices into the realm but a bit or research should suss all that crap out.

If you simply ignore it, then you can miss out on some deals.


Definitely not for watches.


Not too often.

I love shopping on Amazon, but I have noticed that most of he time their retail price is over inflated, which makes the % off seem like an incredible deal, when often what they are selling it for, is the going price most everywhere else (without a sale).


I think it totally depends upon the site. Also, depends upon which day of the work week it is.... If I have the extra free time to waste, I can justify the extra time.


If you research a specific item over a period of time, you know pretty well what the going price is and what the bottom line - item + tax + shipping is. Then, if you see a reputable retailer offering a percentage off (and it does happen), sure it is a great deal (and that of course includes shipping lowered or free if that makes the item a better buy than going to the brick and mortar store). A lot of the reason I do buy online is if there no no tax collected. However, that is coming to an end.


sometimes. I take the ones that take the actual percentage off the final total more serious than the off price ones.