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Yup! This is a notorious problem with Maytags. I'm surprised there isn't a class action lawsuit against them by now considering most start rusting out after about 2 years. This product may be your savior.


Have you checked online parts supply places also?
I'd think you could get by with some steel wool and a can of Krylon also. I certainly wouldn't be paying that kind of jack for a drawer.

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are you looking for what you'd call a nice rack, or just a minimally acceptable set to dump your dirty stuff on?


I'd check/try Craigslist. Check appliances and/or post in the wanted section. I've found lots of odd stuff on CL over the years...


go to the dump/recycling yard. People throw out working appliances all the time. I took my clothes dryer to the dump and threw it off the back of my truck after hitting the scales (get paid for taking it to the recycling center). Guy came over and asked me what was wrong with it and I told him. He and another guy disassembled some parts off it and walked away. I thought to myself, well you crafty bastards that was nice. Later on my handle broke on my new dryer, GE wouldn't replace it. Cost me $11 plus shipping for a new one if I ordered online. Guess who drove up the the dump/recycling yard and got one off a dryer for 0.00 dollars, yep this guy. I also thought to take a couple of knobs and the lightbulb off another one just in case.

IN case your getting the EWWW feeling, it isn't like that at all. I didn't walk through any garbage to get it, it was in a pile with other appliances waiting to get crushed fro scrap metal. I've seen dishwashers there with stainless steel.


I have used the repair stuff @eraten recommends. There are also tips ( see on the link where it says commonly bought together) that go over the prongs work well. The paint on stuff only goes so far in my experience.
I have looked and looked for replacement. No luck.
Sadly, I'm going to have to look for a new dishwasher.
I'm wondering if there's a way to buy an extra rack with purchase.


If I had known about this in advance, I would not bought this dishwasher. If a replacement rack was like 20 or 30 dollars, I wouldn't have that much of an issue with it, although I think the rack should stand up to a lot of years of use, especially when I only run the dishwasher once a week.

Unfortunately, I think it is beyond repair. I took it out to take a picture of it and the underside looks really bad. I had no idea since I don't usually look at it from that angle. I will have to check craigslist and the dump -- I need to go up there to drop off some clothes for recycling, anyway. I just need to find some time. Thanks for all the tips! Don't buy Maytag!

Sadly "nice rack" made me laugh. I am a child.

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So our dump does not allowing taking stuff away. I think it is silly but they are probably worried about lawsuits or something. I did stop by the Re-Store shop but I didn't see any dishwasher parts, only dishwashers. And a few pieces of really nice furniture that I had to tear myself away from.

I am thinking that it might be better to just buy a new dishwasher. They had what looked like a nice tall-tub model for $329(?) at B.B. so why should I pay 200-something just for a rack? And maybe I could even get a few bucks for the old one. I'll have to swing by the library and check out the consumer ratings for dishwashers while I make up my mind. I'm definitely going to be examining the quality of the accessories next time I buy appliances.

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