questionswhat's the best ipad case for kids?


I'd say an otterbox, or if you can wait a lifeproof. We have one for our iPhone, and it's great.


Big Grips Frame™ is the iPad case made for kids. It’s big, squishy, easy to grab, comfortable to hold, and very grip-able.

Big Grips Stand™ is a matching stand for working at a desk, lying on the couch, or kicking back and watching stuff


I'd go with a GumDrop case at .

Price may be too high though, but of all the drop proof cases I've seen.. this one I like.

Also found a lengthy review of 10 possible cases for kids while I was looking for (and ended up liking) this case..

^- That big grips case looks cool too for durability and kid-proofing, but not for me. lol.

As for lifeproof, indeed its indestructible and waterproof.. but I'd say you lose the sound from the speakers big time when everything is closed up.


Wow you got an iPad for your kids? Don't tell mine - I can't even justify one for me (but thankfully I'm a developer and my company gives me one). I let the kids play games on it sometimes, but it's not even mine, much less theirs...


Thanks for posting this! Looking for a case for my mil who drops things more than my kids, and these are great leads.

As an aside, I was given an iPad 3 for my birthday, so I sold my iPad 1 (also a gift) to my oldest child. That's the only reason one of my kids has an iPad! Middle one is saving to buy her own. That might take a while...


Thats Great! Get Otterbox from where they provide 30% off and also free shipping all over the U.S.
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I guess it depends on their age & demeanor but if young and typically rough on things the best case would be to enclose it in your wall safe and not let the kid know its in there ;>)

That should ensure neither your kid or their friends can destroy this rather expensive device.


This Hello Kitty ipad 2 Smart Cover + back cover of course will be the best one, find it here


This is a really great ipad case for kids. My little one is pretty rough with it and so far so good!!


A good one for high school/college kids would be the Loaded Gear HD-10 case. It's completely watertight and they have a video showing it getting run over by a car and surviving with a working iPad inside. If it can handle that, then I'm sure it can handle being tossed around in a backpack just fine!

Here's the link. Don't forget to use the promo code "GEAR2" and get 15% off!

Here's the video showing it getting run over by a car.


I originally went with the GumDrop case, but just bought an iPad Smart Case from Apple:

We'll see how it works out.


I like the lifetouch. My littlest 3 year old loves his ipad and his 5 year old brother can't seem to destroy his either. They are rough with them and the 5 year old has had his for almost 1.5 years and the 3 year got his last xmas.


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