questionswhen i add a deal i automatically vote positive…


If you have purchased something from one of the woot sites (woot, kids.woot, home.woot, sellout.woot, wine.woot, moofi.woot, or shirt.woot), you have the ability to vote. Woot will kindly add your own vote to whatever you post (comment or deal or question).

If you have not purchased anything, you can't vote and anything you add will start with a 0.

But if you can vote, you can remove your vote, if you really want to.


Why in the world would you post a deal that you yourself don't think is good enough to upvote?


might as well leave your self-vote. that would be too much hassle to go unvoting your deal after you add it. forget about it and take the 1-up you've earned by buying something


@linkage89: Some people just know EVERYTHING!! lol :)


Make it easy on yourself. Go and buy something at Woot! and then you will always have the automatic upvote, for all of your deals. And then if you want, you can give yourself a downvote. You do realize, don't you, that you just asked one of the "silly" questions?


@bellavampyre: some people just don't have a life and spend their time lurking around this website just waiting to impart all that they have learned :)