questionswhen is online traffic the busiest?


That question probably has 90% (or more) of the information you asked about. I should point out that, although the demographics has increased, quantcast is still used to track woot and deals dot woot, and that information should be up to date.

Which sites are you associated with? You do know that Deals prefers you create an account name that closely matches your web site, right? You may already be doing this, but I don't recall voting on things you post, so they haven't caught my attention. I'm not your target audience in any case, I'm sure.



@jmdeal does not appear to have a direct relationship with any retailer.
We'll keep watching.


@jumbowoot: that user must be stuck. their join date when i hover over their username shows as today


@jumbowoot: Actually, I'm seeing the same error that @w00tgurl just noticed, and it isn't consistent across the site, which is even more puzzling. Usually, when I see an error like this, that error will follow the user, but today, I noted that @starfishie, in one of the older threads, on just one comment, had the telltale "joined today" on a comment, and yet, when I went off to look at other items, it was normal (and the place where I saw it is now correct, also, with a join date in 2008).

Odd. I hate transient errors.


also @wootbot lost his staff badge and also shows a join date of today on hover. fyi



jmdeal's is fixed but now @prettywootprincess lost her staff badge too and her join date shows as today on hover