questionswhat is your experience with the free [fill in…


I use them all the time with no problems. Sometimes I will avoid using the drive thru if it is a fast food coupon though, as that's where most of my issues seem to come from with coupons.


Join Auntie Anne's Pretzel Perks - I get a newsletter every month with a free item and I have never had a store say "Sorry, we don't take those here"


I rarely have any problems. I never use the drive thru, so that could be a part of it. I also always tell the cashier that I have a coupon, sometimes saying "I want this" or "can I get this" and hand them the coupon. Seems to work out really well.


I do it all the time as well. The coupons are the only reason I go to specific fast food places. I already know which places around me accept coupons since I have tried them all previously.

Every month when the new coupons come along, we separate them into a tray in the kitchen ordered by date of expiration.

One of the problems I've found is franchise vs. corporate-owned. Corporate-owned are obligated to take them while franchises aren't. If there are any details specifying location, follow it, they will most likely not honor it elsewhere.


Outback did free steaks, and you better believe we took advantage of that offer. However, I agree with the free "_" days. I can't stand the lines for that stuff. I'd rather just pay the money than spend all day there.


When using a coupon, I always go inside (if there is a drive-thru) and I always ask if they take the coupon before ordering but I have never had a problem but it could be because I never get just the item in the offer, I always purchase more.


The McDonald's around me offer "treat packs," originally Halloween themed for a dollar, which gets you 12 coupons. Since then, they've run a new batch for virtually every holiday/season. They're divided evenly amongst different options, currently milk, apple dippers, ice cream, or a hamburger.

While originally explicitly for children 12 and under, the newer ones no longer list an age restriction. The only issue I've had redeeming them has come from that distinction, solved by my, "Let's read the back together."

Other places with coupons for free stuff, or "$X off of $X dollar purchase" deals have usually been great about honoring them. (Burger King, Starbucks, Menards, Staples, Lane Bryant, Kohls)

I think couponing and freemium have become so common that cashiers no longer feel the same moral indignation about "giving something away."


I use these things fairly frequently and never have an issue. I usually go through drive through and mention before I order that "I have a coupon for _" and describe exactly what the coupon says and never have an issue. Usually it's just a buy one get one free coupon and is pretty straight forward.

I avoid any free days or special days since it's not worth my time to save a couple bucks, but I'll grab a coupon when I am on the way to get fast food if I'm too lazy to cook. I don't make a special trip just to get a deal, but I like to get a deal if I'm heading there anyway.

Just make sure you're very clear before you order that you have a coupon and read what the coupon says and you shouldn't have an issue.


I've never had any issues with them.

As for the "free whatever days", the only ones I've done are the IHOP pancakes, and the Ben and Jerry's. The former one there's never been even a long line for, and the latter, the line will go out the door and around the building, but they have it so streamlined you spend less than 10 minutes in line even at its peak, so well worth it for the family.