questionswhat would you like to see on moofi?


Can you do a coupon code for Moofi? Like groupon, except good for woot's sites? That would be a HUGE success.

Also, I could use a new Verizon cell phone that doesn't require a data package. The LG Cosmos Touch maybe?


Wool, fiberglass, mosquito bites, spider bites, poison ivy, sweat... lots of things make me itch.


If the price is cheap enough, there's all sorts of crap you could get us to buy. In fact there's this website I know of that literally sells bags of crap and people buy it. Crazy.


Something finally explaining to me what Moofi is.


@brutherford: I would like to see REAL jewelry (I prefer yellow gold, and do NOT buy anything less than 14k). It doesn't have to be diamonds, but it does have to be real. Yeah, I know that's not going to sell well. It's okay, I don't really need any.

Leakfrogs would be a top seller. I don't currently need any, but for those folks that do, it's a perennial favorite.

I'm such an outlier, that I'm not sure whether I'm the right person to even be answering this, though. Let me see, what have I bought from Moofi?

I bought some airbeds (and thank you, they worked out great, and are already stored away for the next time). I bought snuggies with booklights because I wanted the booklights, and sold the snuggies at a garage sale. I nearly broke even. I bought Maximo headsets (they worked great with my crackberry, and now with my android).

I missed the Livestrong yellow teakettle combo (but got one later, on a woot off). The "livestrong" is just in the handle. The pot is great.



@brutherford: You could sell more Shark vacuums. I got one from Woot, and it's the best thing since sliced bread. In addition, it's purple (really more of a lilac), and I like it for that alone.

Sell some nice dustbusters.

I'm sure I could think of more, but that's enough for now.

[Edit] Hey, did you just ask this question to boost your reputation? snicker


That Chumby that was up on the Woot-off that I missed? Or the Dlink router. Either of those things. Still kicking myself that I waited on the Dlink, and completely missed the Chumby...

Computer hardware and hackable electronics, both are good.


A special edition moofi monkey. I saw the picture of your monkey wall and I do believe you have some room left.


With three little 2 year old boys, I'm always watching out for Thomas the Train deals or other toys for them.


Woot branded anything would be awesome


I agree with @promyst moofi could be a great outlet for woot! branded items along with the usual fare. Also @capguncowboy has a great idea with the groupon type deals for woot sites! Both of those would be awesome!!

and maybe some free stuff once in a while ;)


More products. Searchable. Categorized. Made up of stock from previous deals, so you wouldn't have to generate more content. Price it 10% higher than original and discount it during the Woot-offs.

That's just coming from my day job as a business professor and management consultant.

From my night job as a Woot follower, I would have to go with the Leak Frogs.


A lovesac with an actual cover! You get the khaki sac for half off but you have to pay another $200 to get a good cover (not the cheap sport utility cover). I would so buy another lovesac if a deal showed up with a descent cover.


@shrdlu: =O I've been looking for one of those tea pots/sets I missed it woot off before last. They didn't have any this time =( also that rice was superb!

I agree about the groupon type thing being an interesting idea. I'd probably buy a few. Just none to wine woot bloody state wont let it in.

As for what I would want how about one of those tea sets =P or more BoCs! Love my carrots! lol

Anywho if it were a particular item that I would want is a WOOT Coffee cup! or a very reasonably priced doctor who dvd collection/bundle lol. Or maybe a board game or some such.

One thing I know I won't buy is a crab.


Beer. Beer is always the answer.


Anything built by robots in factories made up of just robots.

Because we need jobs too. Support robot made items!


The other 500 bags from woot's birthday BOC.


Less extremely expensive DSLR cameras that I can't afford.

More general electronics and such. Household items are awesome too.


Hunter LightMinder Expansion Receiver & Remote
It was available during the wootquest but I missed it.
Make it happen Moofi


Vornado fans...air circulators I mean, they are not fans. If there was a decent price on say a mid-size floor model. Amazon has some meh-okay prices but not enough to tempt me to buy another one.

The small flippis are pretty cheap now. If you haven't experienced a Vornado, you just haven't been blown.


Some of those sweet Woot! sweatbands that people have gotten in their Bags of Crap.


a smaller sized lawn tractor. no more than prolly 22hp should do.


I know this question is sort of old, but I just now thought of something that I would like to see of moofi. Since Woot has sold so many gTablets, some accessories for those would be nice. Maybe some Skinomi screen protectors, cases, usb keyboards, or cases with usb keyboards?


@misuhsipee: This question is not old... I just asked it the other day!


@brutherford: Ha you're right.. it's actually not very old at all. Sometimes I classify the questions on the second page as sort of old, third page as old, fourth page as really old and so forth without actually looking at the date.


@shrdlu: Maybe... Do you think its working? :) How is anyone going to take me seriously until I get my black triangle?!?!


@brutherford: I take you seriously. Some of my favorite stuff has come from Moofi deals. I think that while all this down voting stuff is going on, your single question will not help as much as it might of in normal times. More activity here on the questions side will help, even if it's just voting up the good comments (and not wasting your karma by voting down anything).

I have karma to burn. Also, I am indifferent. I do note that one person has already gone from a 99/100 to a 64/100 (from black down to green, dang), and that it took quit a bit for that to happen. I find it interesting, but then, I always find that kind of thing interesting.

Speaking of things you might sell, hard to find DVDs would be cool. I bought the Electric Company retrospective for my daughter, and two sets of Pink Panther (one for her, one for me), from Woot.


1) Video game accessories. Like those xbox hard drives you've had a few times on Woot.

2) Bundles of polo, er, sport shirts, but only available in XL, XXL, and XXXL. None of that extra-small baloney!

3) Woot and/or moofi branded merchandise.

4) And of course a moofi BOC.


One more request. Got any more of these mousepads? I ordered 3, but would have ordered all 6. They look like they'll make great noise-reducing pads for my Rockband drum kit.


Something that is similar to what is on Woot on that given day but at a better price or higher value..... and crap.