questionsgood folding knife for general yard/utility use?



Pick what you want for your needs...


I love my old timer bearhead is one of my first pocket knives and still my go-to knife for random cutting.


I have a Stanley Sport Utility knife - folding blade on one side and a utility knife/box cutter in the other end. It's still going string after 5 years. Something like this -


I'm a big Leatherman fan (lol, rhyme.)

Unforunately they discontinued my absolute favorite knife of theirs:

BUT: they have since come out with a new model that has the same functions:

I can vouch at least for the first one (and the second if they kept their quality standards for the past 4-5 years, i'm assuming they have.), if you treat it right it will last you a very long time. The blade is easy to extend - there is a "quick launch" lever on the back that gives it mechanical advantage when extending.

They have links to their dealers on the left hand side of the pages.


I'd go with CRKT or Old Timer. The Old Timer has been around a lot time and as was posted can't go wrong with one.

Here is a link to some CRKT knives:

Here is a link to some old timers too: