questionshow did your ios 5 install go?


Sorry to hear this, my iPhone 4 upgraded flawlessly to ios5. My only complaint, it dumped about 68 apps onto 9 separate pages, and totally lost all my 'folder' organization.

I've yet to upgrade my iPad2, hopefully -- it is a better experience than what you have reported!


Had the same experience as @hunter306. My iPod Touch updated with no problem other than throwing half of my apps all over the place.

Me likey the pull-down notifications window.


I upgraded an iPhone 3GS yesterday. It failed twice, so I ejected it and plugged it back in and then it worked fine. It was reallllly slow though. My apps are also randomly distributed across 7 pages - nearly all folders lost. Annoying, but I'm upgrading my phone very soon (and will restore this one) so I'm not going to bother reorganizing anything.


blah !!! It killed all my apps even though I backed it up. Not impressed. One nice litt thing though is App Store knows now if you have already purchased an app and just shows install rather than purchase and then it pretending its going to charge you then say nevermind


Ipad2 update went smoothly. Clicked update and no further attention was needed until it completed ~30 minutes later.

I'm liking the new gestures.


Good for iPad and iPod touch, but wiped our contacts on the iPhone. None of the fixes I tried have worked yet. Any suggestions?