questionswould you want a combo-discount paper/digital…


Not going to happen. Different publishers and/or publishing platforms. A hardbound book can be published by one, the paperback another, and the e-copy a third. No, they will not make more money. I'm extremely grateful that Amazon has an enormous amount of free e-books. Many, many classics are free. Also best-selling authors(their publishers) will occasionally have free books for short periods. Almost daily, Amazon has independent author's books free. The free 'price' is usually for a few days, and is to entice you to read that author & buy other books they have written.


Nope, I don't need both versions. What I would really like is the ability to trade in the hardcopy of a book I have for a free or significantly discounted digital version. I'm not holding my breath!


@rookie3001: No Starch Press does this, automatically.

"Free ebook with print book purchase" is an offer that goes with almost every book they sell. I think there are some other publishers that are also enlightened in this way.